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New Gear... Evaluating some Changes [RESTO]

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So, I've finally gotten my trinket from sha. I am really excited about it. What I wanted to see is some logs from players that a farther progressed than myself. I'm only at 8/14HC and we got 9/14 down to a few % points including a 0% wipe.




My Latest Logs


The goal here is to see what others are doing, not to bash or anything like that, but I would love to see some comparisons among us. I know there aren't many other 25s with shaman healers, but I would still like to learn from the 10 man healers. 


I'm interested in

  • Stat Choice
  • Spell Choice
  • Cooldown Usage & Timing
  • Mechanic Specific Changes (glyphs, etc.)

So let's have at it. I will compile the major tips and strats into this or another thread that we can form as a guide with the help from some of the admins. Thank you in advance for your participation

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I hadn't intended the thread to mirror those objectives stoove but upon thinking about it seems as though it would fit, Can I move this thread there and delete this one? for housekeeping sakes?

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