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The Jailer Cinematic Render on PCGamer Cover - Possible New Cinematic Coming?

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A lot has been made about the Jailer's look in-game, especially after the very mysterious and shadowy look he had before he was revealed, but now we have a much better view of what Blizzard want him to look like. The November PCGamer issue has Shadowlands' big bad on the cover, as noticed by redditor owenrmeredith and it's not the in-game model that's been causing some slight dissatisfaction. It's looking like a cinematic-level quality render, with much more detail and has brought up some serious questions on whether Blizzard would really create it just for this one cover.


And here's his current in-game look and the mystery image we were seeing for a long time before the alpha:



There has been some discussion over whether this is real or not, but we have some definitive proof, from the actual cover and even a preview of the PCGamer issue.


The big question now remains whether this render would really be done "just" for this issue, despite its high-profile, or is there a chance there's another full expansion-level quality cinematic coming? It is conceivable that we could get a big Fall of the Lich King level cutscene, only on a cinematic quality level, when we finally defeat the Jailer (presumably in the final patch of the Shadowlands), but that's a loooong way away. So we're left with several options:

  • It's jut a render for the magazine cover.
  • It's a render they'd have to do for the final Shadowlands cinematic anyway, so they made it now for promotional purposes and will use it way later down the line.
  • We're getting another high-quality cinematic for the Shadowlands launch! This could be a simple ad type thing and not necessarily a story beat, but it would still be amazing to see.

So, which option are you rooting for/thing is more likely?


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Aside from the awesome look (Dreadlord connection confirmed), who even read PC Gamer? These "gaming journalists" are so irrelevant, they might as well use popular streamers or youtubers to sponsor the game. They'd have a bigger reach and influence than the joke that is modern magazines XD

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11 minutes ago, Dejo93 said:

Aside from the awesome look (Dreadlord connection confirmed), who even read PC Gamer? These "gaming journalists" are so irrelevant, they might as well use popular streamers or youtubers to sponsor the game. They'd have a bigger reach and influence than the joke that is modern magazines XD

I mean I read it 😄 Not the print version but yea. It ha a lot of reach tbh and it's also a prestige thing, as PCGamer is one of the last long running print ones around. I'm sure there's plenty of people that still prefer like a real magazine in their hands from time to time.

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Considering the number of Saurfang cinematics we got (and the fact the cinematic team is always received with applause) I'd surprised if we went back to the one-cinematic-per-expansion thing. 

They said something about Saurfang's story not necessarily being the model going forward. But it seems weird to dial the cinematics up, have them be practically the one thing not criticised about BFA, and then just let that go.

I'd say one on or shortly after release is likely considering how early the announcement trailer was. We saw it *before* N'zoth hit, right?

Also, while there are things I don't like about that new model/image -- mainly the fact his face seems oddly mortal, oddly unrelatable and unplaceable, I think -- the metal and runes instantly throw me back to WotLK. It's very nice.

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We need movie on this character. I hope Jailer character replace the charisma of Lichking and be a next big super villain. 

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