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Rank 14 on a Level 59 Character??

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Yep, you read that right, PvP rank 14 has all but been achieved by a level 59 character in Classic! Crashgaming247 has gone for one of the weird records and is set to get that final rank next week, as he's 87% rank 13! As he explains in an interview with WoWhead, this is the result of a 5 month long journey from rank 12, as that was when he decided to actually go for the R14 at level 59, with the last month being a 12 hour a day grind. Also, at level 59 there's no Mark of Honor turn ins (because they give you XP), longer queues, matching 60ies and many other issues that make it a lot more complicated than at max level.



I began ranking as I leveled my main and only toon, Sìrvìktøriüs. I quickly joined the 50-59 bracket. The bracket was small and everyone knew each other so eventually a Warrior named Purushottama made a discord for us to chat if we got into games together. What an experience it was to have people to play with every single day. I finally had the MMO experience I was looking for.


So I decided to stay in the bracket and work on getting to Rank 11 for the cheap epic mount. But then I saw two Alliance riding that same rank 11 epic mount in the 59 BG, Ozzie and Teflon. You could ride the Rank 11 mount pre-60. I soon got rank 11 and decided to stay in the bracket with the epic mount til I was rank 12. But once I obtained rank 12, friends and viewers told me I had to get Rank 14 at 59. It would be a world first to achieve. I've been working on this journey for 5 months now. This final month I put in at the least 12 hours every single day. I compete with 60s for honor caps. I cannot turn in Marks of Honor as they give experience. The queues are much longer than at 60 as well. The player-base is small so I stop getting honor per kill quickly. And the bracket is highly competitive, filled with other twinks some of whom are rank 14s on their mains or gladiators in retail. It took me 6 weeks due to breakers to go from rank 12 to 13. I am now on my fourth week of Rank 13, and with 87% in, I should hit Rank 14 this tuesday reset.

- Crashgaming247

Here's a sample of the PvP experience at level 59:

There's a lot more to the story, from the gear he's using, how he got into WoW PvP in the first place, the issues he sees with the PvP system and more, so definitely check out the full interview over at WoWhead and check the man himself out on his twitch.

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