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give me a Training Dummy I can chase around

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I like training dummies  . maybe they let you warm up , maybe they let you really interrogate your excessive gear-in-bags , and your 'useless' talents , dummies - they do a lot . !!

training dummies  .  they are also what we have rejected in favor of simulators ,, simulators of training dummies , a meta mind trick we play to pretend we have tried it all . 


does anyone else want the option to program in-game training dummies ? , i mean , , choreograph training dummies (for damage practice/testing) in terms of a number of targets with maybe  a set of movements between them , a series of timed movements   , ?? i dunno . there are positional abilities that i dont want to only get to practice using once a weekly-reset . 

it would also sometimes  be nice to be able to show teammates evidence for advice , things like just save Azerite beam for like 30 seconds on a Hivemind pull , there are more targets.. , . most people dont really care much to go through warcraftlogs and see what the difference is btwn two different maneuvers . .  really i dont know many who even click on the truly informative report they get from a best-in-bags or best-trait-whatever sort of simulation  - the quick sim report , i mean, with that combat log? that combatlog is the entire thesis of the best-in-bags ranked list .

rant over - the point is , the training dummy is an artifact that deserves to be unearthed & purposed for the content that a player is curious about ?

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WoW can be a trenchant obstacle that requires effort. You have to actually try to play the game just as espying one who does not, immediately disavows all if any challenge. However, A training dummy to chase around sounds fun and easy! Anyone can do it, so I see this as A proper solution to the individuals that seek pleasure from chasing a training dummy around. 

Also I'm always happy to offer my services. Just tell me where you want me to go.

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