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Raid team's Shaman - need some advice

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Hey guys and girls,

We are a 10 man guild, and last week transitioned to 2 healing all our fights. We have a resto druid and a resto shaman, and for most of the fights our resto shaman was going oom. He has 10 ilvl points on our druid, and she wasnt going oom at all.

We had a shaman healer from a friends guild (in heroics) say that his stat priority was all wrong, which is what lead me to here. I personally am no expert on shaman healing, but would love to get advice from you all here, and try and figure out what his issues might be, and how we can work together with him remedy them (if there are in fact issues). 

Armory link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/frostmourne/Amerlena/advanced
WoL from last raid: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/p4kdv203arn8u2v2/

Essentially, I would greatly appreciate if someone could have a peek at the logs and his armory, and see if there are any glaring errors that spring out. If there are errors, what should he be doing instead?

Many thanks

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First, the armory is showing him in elemental spec so I can't comment there, have them log out and that could help.



I don't intend to teach him strats and stuff because that is the role of his leadership, but some of the stat issues we can help him out. Before he gets to me, have him read as much as can on this forum as well as the main resto shaman article here on icy-veins. It is a great primer to get people going and then work with them from there.'


To absolve your concerns: in normal 10 man I have done a lot with just a shaman and a druid and we had no mana issues, so It can be done especially once they are coordinating your raid cool downs (HTT and Tranq)


Which fights are giving the most trouble? I'd also reference them to stoove's post on detailed mechanics whiles in SOO 10 man.


K the quick and dirty feedback from the Logs:


1. No mana Tide usage - I don't use it often because I don't have to, but it sounds like needs to be using it more regularly.

2. Tidal Waves was up pretty low, glyphing this spell can be a huge boon to utility as keep tidal waves near 100% is fairly easy at that point.

3. Cooldowns weren't being used: 0 mana Tide, 0 Healing Tide, 1 Ascendence

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I can tell you something for certain, and it is that that gear setup is their Resto build. They're gemming for Spirit on the Elemental tier pieces and have the Resto LMG in their Elemental head piece.


It's hard to know where to start, really, and I don't want to be too harsh about it because the person we're talking about isn't here to defend themselves. Nevertheless, I do agree that their stat allocation is messed up*.


Here is what we generally recommend for a Resto Shaman in terms of stats (guideline);

  • Hit about 13k Spirit (less if you feel comfortable)
  • Pick a Haste breakpoint you like (I usually recommend 30%) and obtain it, but go no further into Haste
  • Pile everything else into Crit.

One thing I notice is that your Shaman has over 15k Spirit, which is far too much. Paradoxically, at this point in the expansion stacking so much Spirit can give you more mana problems rather than less. This is because sacrificing that 2-4k stats to put into Spirit lowers your throughput drastically; you have to heal harder for longer to get the same results, and you lose mana faster because of that.


* - There are several different schools of thought on how Resto should gear, and they are all valid for different assumptions, but they don't seem to be following any of these.


If you want an example armoury to go off, you can link them to mine.


I want to reinforce what CptDan said about the cooldowns. For one, if your Shaman is running OOM but not using Mana Tide, they are definitely not playing correctly - Mana Tide is usually best used when you reach 75% mana and then again on cooldown (you should ideally have a timer to show when it comes off cooldown). The same is true with healing cooldowns; Ascendance, Healing Tide Totem, and Spirit Link Totem are all essential to plan and use. You can normally use each of those at least twice per fight, and they prevent you from having to heal as much (thus saving you more mana).




I looked at the logs, and your Shaman is using Ascendance on pretty much every fight (good) but only once (not so good). You can see from this page that your Shaman was casting Healing Tide Totem somewhere between once and twice a fight, which is good but could be improved. This page shows the same for Mana Tide Totem, and the results are also reasonable, although again it could (should) be used more often.


Cooldowns are probably not your Shaman's main problem.


Other spells:


Healing Stream Totem is often an offender; you really want to use it more or less on cooldown throughout the fight. This page shows that your Shaman is a bit slow on the cast (roughly a 10s delay on the cast in many cases) so they could improve there. That specific example was taken from Fallen Protectors.


I can't really find much else to fault your Shaman on; their spell distribution seems reasonable and they aren't doing more overhealing than I'd expect. I think that the primary problem seems to be the gearing, and then secondarily the cooldown usage.


I hope that helps! :)

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2 unenchanted items for starter.  his gemming is all over the place. he should not be gemiing to pure intel. what i think he trying to do is stat to a pure mast because he think that it will up his heal but dose not understand that yes it will for the most part up his healing it will less so then if you have a proper mix. he also it look like trying to save gold by not enchanting and geming. his head slot should be the leg meta gem but he is using a normal meta gem. not sure if this helps. but i would suggest that you find a different healer because based on this he not doing what he need do

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Well frankly this is odd.


They've switched back to Resto spec and changed their gear, but now they don't use the Healer LMG? That means they are using the Healer LMG in their DPS spec! That is confusing.


As for gems, it's usually best to go for secondary stats instead of primaries (so Orange in a Red or Yellow slot, Green in a Blue). That is a rather minor thing.


See my comments earlier about Spirit. ~17k Spirit is a hell of a lot, and probably the reason they're OOMing.

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