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Im currently trying to set up my resto druid for raiding with Elvui and I don't know where to put anything bc I dont really know the class. You guys mind helping me out maybe post a pic of your UI or something. I recently switched from feral and would like to learn how to heal properly on a resto. Any advice helps.

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I mean you can try this: 



Just Affinitii from Blood Legions UI.



Druid Weak Auras: http://pastebin.com/XEY3bLf9

Druid Mushroom Weak Aura: http://pastebin.com/PNKjeBK3



Other things is just get basic healing addons such at Vuhdo (My personal favorite) or Healbot/Clique+Grid and just start healing

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The core of setup is ElvUI, too. I don't do anything fancy with it aside from moving the right chat box over on top of the left and using AddOnSkins to embed Skada in it.


I use Vuhdo as well - I find it has superior customization and versatility. I keep my raid frames bottom center - in 25-man they're in the same place they just extend 3 groups further down.


Everything else is WeakAuras for me, centered around my character. On the outside I have the icons pop up for Swiftmend and Wild Growth when they're off CD to my left and right. Inside of those are two !-type textures that pop up to show when I have Clearcasting (the blue one) and Lucidity (meta gem proc, the green one). Below my character I have a WA that tracks stacks of the 2-piece proc. My available CDs are in a line below it. Under those is a bar that shows when Wild Mushroom is out and fills up as it builds up with the % charge it has on it. The only other WA I use are just little alerts that pop up below my unit frame (to the right of raid frames) to use Faerie Fire on something that the Weakened Armor debuff - not a big deal but I used to do this in a previous group - works off of boss unitIDs so they can be annoying in fights where that's wonky (Galakras, Spoils, etc.).


Otherwise the basics of Resto are to a) know when damage is coming cool.png make the best use of Wild Mushroom/Efflorescence possible, and c) try to minimize overhealing by applying HoTs when you don't need to. Your CD usage should mostly be planned - know when you're going to want to Tranq and know when you're going to want to Bloom your Shroom. You can Rejuv the hell out of the raid, but it will drain your mana. It should be your primary source of healing, but don't put it on someone that's at 95% with no risk of taking more damage.


Edit: Mouseover macros are your friend, see this thread for information about them.

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      I'm creating this stand alone thread with my UI so it would be easier to maintain and update the strings here, rather than in two different guides (ElvUI & VuhDo) that already grew too big for easy updates.
      My UI looks like this:

      Disc Priest UI:
      All the frames except of the raid ones are ElvUI, raid frames are Vuhdo.
      The shaman hub in the middle is Sweetsour's Shaman Auras.
      ElvUI profile:
      Pastebin / WAGO
      All the VuhDo profiles were updated on 03/Feb/17.
      If you want to see my spell and HoT assignments, you have to import Key Layouts as well.
      VuhDo profile Resto Druid (Raid):
      VuhDo profile Resto Druid (5-man):
      VuhDo Resto Druid Key Layouts:
      Raid / 5-man
      VuhDo profile Resto Shaman (Raid):
      VuhDo profile Resto Shaman (5-man):
      VuhDo Resto Shaman Key Layouts:
      Raid / 5-man
      Cenarion Ward / Clearcasting proc / Efflorescence is missing / Lifebloom is missing / Artifact ability / Flourish / Ironbark / SotF buff is up / Swiftmend / Wild Growth 
      And this is a mana bar that is shown no matter in what form you are. I had a serious problem to track my mana when drinking or running in cat form because the mana bar transforms into the energy one. This aura fixed the issue.
      This is a WeakAura that adds a Spectral Bear model while Frenzied Regeneration is up. I wrote a macro to switch into a bear form and use FR and added it to a Mouse Wheel Up in VuhDo.
      #showtooltip Frenzied Regeneration
      /castsequence [@player] reset=16 Bear Form, Frenzied Regeneration
      T19 raid awareness (I didn't write this set)
      Heroism (all kinds)
      Raid Healing CDs bar
      UI video 5-man Resto Shaman:
      UI video raid Resto Shaman:
      UI video raid Resto Druid: