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Boomkin One-Shot Starstorm Combo Featuring PvP Scaling

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Rextroy has come up with a crazy new and elaborate Boomkin one-shot combo, featuring infamous PvP Scaling and with no Corruptions whatosever.


Useful Macroes:

Change talent to Incarnation

/run local function t(r,c)LearnTalent(GetTalentInfo(r,c,1))end t(1,3)t(2,2)t(3,1)t(4,2)t(5,3)t(6,2)t(7,2)

Swap to Balance

/run SetSpecialization(1)

Survival instict and tome, then swap to restoration

#showtooltip survival instincts /use tome of the quiet mind /use survival instincts /run SetSpecialization(4)

Spawn a gently squeezed toad and then use fury of elune on it (remember to retarget your enemy)

#showtooltip fury of elune /cast [@player] gently squeezed toad /cleartarget /target belly toad /cast fury of elune /cleartarget


The combo is built around Masterful Instincts Masterful Instincts and Lively Spirit Lively Spirit. Two Azerite traits that grant you a bunch of stats. The thing that makes it all work, is that those traits are active even when you change your specialization. They are not nerfed in PvP if you stack them up before you enter PvP combat.

Important to know, is there are really few chestpieces with this trait setup. I had to go back to Blackwater Behemoth to get a chest from him!

Thanks to our stats being increased by this, we choose to use low ilvl gear on most other slots, to increase our damage from PvP scaling by about 50%.

If you were to have access to Corruptions (which I didn't) using good ilvl gear filled with Masterful Masterful would probably give you more DMG.

Haste is really important for this combo, we need a lot of haste both to stack up our Lively Spirit, while also having a low GCD on our Starsurge Starsurges.

I used a set with as much haste as I could get (about 30%) and also the Tol Dagor haste trinket, Ignition Mage's Fuse Ignition Mage's Fuse .

Mallet of Thunderous Skins Mallet of Thunderous Skins is a reusable Leatherworking Drum. This was a necessity. Because no other drums are able to persist through changing Specialization.

We also need to quickly fill up our Astral Power when we respec into Balance. We are going to use an old Tomb of Sargeras set bonus that makes us reach 130 total astral power and boost our crit dmg by 30%.

Whenever this set bonus is activated, you instantly gain 30 astral power.

Then we use Celestial Alignment Celestial Alignment for 40 more astral power We are going to swap our talent into Incarnation: Chosen of Elune Incarnation: Chosen of Elune to be able to use our main cooldown AGAIN which will grant us another 40 astral power.

We then finally use Force of Nature Force of Nature and Fury of Elune Fury of Elune (on any NPC) this will make us reach 130 astral power aswell as obtaining 10 additional astral power over 2 seconds. Which is perfect since the GCD cap makes 3 Starsurge Starsurges take 2.25 seconds in total.

We just need to be lucky and get 1 Memory of Lucid Dream proc to have enough astral power to use a 4th Starsurge Starsurge.

Then finally we obtain Rocket Boots Xtreme Rocket Boots Xtreme as well as Yaungol Wind Chime Yaungol Wind Chime.

To make us move almost as fast as our Starsurge Starsurge(so they arrive as close to eachother as possible)

Full Combo:

Be in Guardian or Feral spec and use Survival Instincts Survival Instincts, Tome of the Tranquil Mind Tome of the Tranquil Mind and then swap into Restoration When you are Restoration, use Innervate, drums and spam Rejuvenation Rejuvenation. After you gotten your Lively Spirit Lively Spirit stacks, swap into Balance spec.

Now you use Celestial Alignment Celestial Alignment, followed by talent swap and useIncarnation: Chosen of Elune Incarnation: Chosen of Elune. Then you swap into your Tomb of Sargeras set bonus aswell as low ilvl gear (if you are going for PvP scaling)

Force of Nature Force of Nature, Fury of Elune Fury of Elune on an NPC, then Blood of the Enemy, Rocket Boots, spam Starsurge Starsurgeand your stun trinket to rush anyone down! Also pray for a crit, since they will do MASSIVE damage with Blood of the enemy along with the Tomb of Sargeras set bonus.

With all the explanations out of the way, here's Rextroy's latest video with the Boomkin one-shot in action.

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2 hours ago, DahFemur said:

A big galactic owl charging someone while doing those spining laser balls kick and one shot the guy must be a traumatic experience.

I think that its 2fast to realise what happened ? so no brain dmg incured...maybe... ? 

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Somehow Rextroy reminds me of that one japanic guy on YouTube making knifes of any material.




Here he is:


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