Black Prince - Range fight (Mage)

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I'm wondering if there are any sort of thoughts to what help is out there to assist in talking down the Black Prince.  I have tried many times as well as being buffed up, warlock cookies, health potions.  My Mage is Frost spec'ed and I can get him down to about 1/2 life and then I die.  If there is anyone out there that can come up with a solution to this I would like to hear it... Just starting to get frustrated and all...angry.png



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Hrm, haven't done it on my mage yet but here's my thoughts:

  • Save orb of frost for when the adds spawn, then either burst them down with further AoE (if possible) or just keep them away from you.  Consider glyphing Cone of Cold, or taking Ring of Frost.
  • No matter what you're doing, stop it and run for <all mechanics>.  Blink and Ice Floes are very useful for this, although Ice Block works in a pinch (against the slam, anyway).
  • Once you've killed the adds (or otherwise controlled them), try and move away from them whenever you get the chance (i.e. if you have to move, move away from them rather than toward them).  That way, when they resurrect, you have more time to deal with them before they start eating you again.
  • Try and get behind him whenever you can.  He takes massively inflated damage from behind.  Ice Floes is extremely useful for this.
  • Persistence!  Keep at it!

Good luck, hope that helped!

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