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[Silvermoon][A] <Stuck on the Ceiling> Shadowlands Recruitment (Casual guild)

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<Stuck on the Ceiling> (Silvermoon - A - EU)
#1 Ceiling Fans in WoW!

We are a newly forming social PvE focused guild centered around the idea of taking our time, enjoying content to the fullest without burning ourselves out on it, a chill and patient envoirnment for group content, and appreciating the visual and artistic aspects of WoW (and other games/animation etc.).

Our goals include regular torghast runs, mythic+ runs, old raid achivements, and if we have the membership for it; normal and eventually heroic raiding with a smaller group (a little over 10 man).

Even when doing content like simple mythcs, or normal raids, we want to go in with the philosophy of seeing the content first, taking our time, and using guides and videos as helpful tools, not required homework. We want to allow for people to experience the dungeons and raids at their own pace. We might even stop to take a breather mid-run and look up at the ceiling! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LioFC9qTXrI

Lorehunting, questing together, leveling, transmog and other casual content are also on the table and encouraged!

As a special welcome to the guild, all new members will be taken by me and my girlfriend on a mission to aquire JenafurJenafur !!


If you're interested add ALPHATT#2339 on Btag.




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