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Awesome Icecrown Role Play Event, One of the Largest Ever

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While the Moon Guard US Role Playing server may be best known for... other things, they recently held a massive RP event in Icecrown and the results were pretty awesome. With hundreds of players attending, they created an entire storyline using the D20 system and played it out inside the game. "In Death's Shadow" was a week-long event with the players trying to retake Northrend from the Scourge. The rules themselves are pretty interesting as well as the way they pulled it off, and we'll cover that later, but first let's take a look at some really cool screenshots of the event in action. You can check out all of them here, with descriptions of the activities.

TNjfgcg.png   YJu5f0Q.png


NECuAoX.png   Kfe8rcS.png

5WOiyIJ.png   v89nTjw.png

And the big one, the session sheet for the finale event:


In case you're unfamiliar with RP events like this, players actually use the in-game dice-roller to determine outcomes instead of actually fighting the mobs directly, with the story etc. unfolding over the chat box, emotes and /yell (and there's plenty of RP addons available as well). Here are ZubMantik and Loriolio, who posted about the event on reddit, to explain (and you should head over to the reddit thread for more info as well):


We use a combination of raid markers, raid warning descriptive paragraphs, music, and image references in discord. Here's an example:

The order was given, and was echoed by officers and sergeants within the combined army’s ranks. The great throng of bodies moved as one, hollering battle cries and epithets were cried out amidst the deafening wind flowing throughout the glacier. The gates of Corp’rethar loomed before them, walls wreathed in lichfire, and ramparts teeming with ranks of the living dead that stood immobile at their posts, and were joined by a great horde of skeletons, ghouls, and many other lesser horrors that awaited the living’s onslaught before the gates.

Here's an example of an image one of our artists made for the final boss, a gigantic Mawsworn revenant.


The rest is imagination.



We have a simplified system where you build a character sheet, picking an armor type (gives extra dmg or prevents dmg), a couple abilities (lots of flavorful options for combat and skills). The DM sets the stage, describing what you face, very detailed, with a raid marker or other addons to give images.

Then players can act. The roll of d20 has a chart. You either take damage from the attack, it's a draw, or you do damage. Then you write how you attack, how you inflict it on the enemy, or how you take damage from the failures, or just how you clash! Then the DM checks if all are ready for the next stage, and respond with the scene. And healers can cast healing spells on the group or take damage when they try, etc (same as combat roll but result is for heals).

Sometimes the enemy falls (folks can roll for a kill shot or earn it in rp), it gives a speech or takes an action (like running away or using magic etc), or it uses a boss ability like exploding a fireball across the chamber or calling guards at the back (which is an environmental roll, same like the attack), etc.

It flows really well and the DM manages the enemy health and scene.



So as far as enemies go, we just ignore the enemies that are visible there on the screen, ( the giant skeleton mobs for example)

we just use the raid markers to represent enemies, the same way a d&d table might use a game marker to represent something. so it's as simple as removing the raid marker and describing the situation i.e. "the calvary charge blew threw the line of skeletal warriors, sending bones scattering across the frozen field"

since we're not using in-game mobs, we can assume that the players don't 1 shot most enemies and so there's hp that we track for them until they are defeated

Different groups use different systems, but here is the system we used for this campaign. It's designed to be very simple, easy to use with minimal set up / learning curve, but some guilds use systems as in-depth as 5e and 'act it out' using the /emote and /say channels.


So, what do you think? Did this give you a better look at Role Playing in WoW and perhaps even interest you in doing some yourself?


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1 hour ago, Sonceri said:

Sonceri/Loriolio here! Thank you so very much for covering our event! It's one of the biggest for Warcraft: Conquest. For anyone interested, we have a website with links and more info: https://gamerchic.org/warcraft-conquest/warcraft-conquest.html

Hey thanks for the link, tried to dig around for something similar, saw the Conquest thing but wasn't quite sure how associated it was with the event etc.

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Very welcome! Warcraft: Conquest is the group of WoW players and dungeon masters that plan, execute, and take a zillion screenshots of these events. ? We welcome all roleplayers, new and veterans. We also have a twitter at https://twitter.com/Warcraft_Conq

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