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MW in need of expert review

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Hi everyone,

I've been playing my MW for about a year now and it is the first healing class I've played (not counting about of month worth of playing druid at the start of MoP). Since August last year I've been raiding occasionally with my guild, trying to work on getting a second 10m team going since about November. I never excelled on meters but that didn't bother me too much until recently when we had another MW join the team and now I have a chance to compare my results to another player playing the same spec. And the results are not great for me...he is still sticking to high spirit and relatively low haste, while I've switched to crit and haste for months now, but I regularly get beaten  on the meters. Now I understand that healing is not about showing off on meters, but with two healers in 10m being the same spec, I do feel like I might be asked to switch roles or class soon due to underperforming. Some of my problems that I'm aware of are not keeping the optimal uptime and spread of renewing mists, also being too prone to panick, still struggling with adjusting the information on my UI to be really usable for me (ie removing stuff that I don't really need, and arranging important things so that I can monitor them. this is also a personal limitation where my brain somehow manages to completely ignore a lot of the information coming from either DBM or WA...) and spreading myself too thin with trying to help out with disarms, interrupts, fistweaving etc. But still, I have a feeling there might be something else or more important I'm missing. So I would be very grateful if someone would take a look at the logs and help me understand what's going on there.

I'm not sure I will post them correctly. there should be one from last night's Siegecrafter and Klaxxi (this was first time this team got to Klaxxi so it was a progression fight for us..hence the high wipes smile.png). And there is also a log from last week Nazgrim to Siegecrafter fights.




This is my armory:


and the other monk's armory:




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I'm not going to compare Spoils or Thok becasue you beat him on both. Also because on spoils the log could be biased based on what side you are on and on thok you 3 healed it.



http://raidbots.com/comparebot/533424c774254ea7720005eb - Paragons.


If we look at the healing, you were pretty close to his healing.  you were only off by about 4 million.  The difference in heals it seems comes from Uplift and Spirit of Chi-Ji.  The rest seem pretty even.


http://raidbots.com/comparebot/5334419074254eb376000004 - Seigecrafter


You were way worse than him here.  All your spells are pretty lacking  Looking back at the log it seems like you died when a res was already used.  So basically you probably should just follow what im going to say in general.


http://raidbots.com/comparebot/5334419074254e7c73000004 - Nazgrim


You didn't die here, but you're still pretty low.  Your uplift dwarfs him by about 5 million, his renewing mists is 2 mill more and his Cloak is about double yours.


http://raidbots.com/comparebot/5334419074254e7c73000004 - Malkorok


Same thing.  More uplift really...



Now as a general rule, you should track your int procs and Chi-Ji buff.  If you can Thunder Foucs Tea during your int procs and spam as many uplifts as you can during your cloak procs it will help increase your total healing.


The healing cloak is perfect for a mistweaver since they can cause massive overhealing by spamming uplift which will then get redirected to other players.  If you have a cloak proc and tehres some damaged people, just spam uplift.    If you have chi, spam uplift.  If you have int procs and/or cloak proc, use thunder focus tea.  Thunder Focus Tea will refresh all your ReM's with those int procs.


Next, if your raid doesn't need the damage, try not to do any jab/TP/BoK.  This will help you push the numbers if youreally want to keep up with him.  Don't let your want for numbers wipe the raid though.  If you can provide some damage to help them push somewhere you're struggling, just ignore the meters and do the boss.  Meters come when everything is easy and you need something else to pay attention to.


It looks like for the most part you're using Thunder Focus Tea, just try to generate more chi quickly for more uplifts.  


Again, best way to generate chi, in order of efficiency are the following:

  1. ReM on CD
  2. Expel Harm on CD
  3. Chi Brew on CD
  4. Jab 4 times OR Glyphed Surging Mists 2-3 times OR Spinning Crane Kick twice during meta gem proc
  5. SPAM CLICK/PUSH Soothing Mists.

Remember.  More Chi = More Uplifts.  More uplifts = good, but timed uplifts = better.

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thanks a million for taking the time to review my logs!!!

I did notice a lot more healing on his part coming from the cloak but I didn't stop to think why and how it worked. I wasn't tracking it, nor the intellect proc. I didn't think they made a huge difference so I kept only LMG procs tracked. thanks so much for clearing this up for me. I will try to work it into my gameplay, together with making sure I have the chi for all those well timed uplifts. ofc I will save the showing off on meters for bosses we have on farm, but this will probably help with our first real Garrosh attempt on Monday too :) wish me luck and thanks again, I really appreciate it!

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