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A Great Goodbye to the Caravan Brutosaur

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The Mighty Caravan Brutosaur Mighty Caravan Brutosaur 5 million gold mount/Auction House/vendor/greatest door hazard of all time doesn't have long to live, with around a day in its NA sub-climate and two for EU. We've seen many giveaways recently and players falling over themselves to desperately get get one of the cooler (and more useful) mounts in WoW, and while there's still some time to get yours, many players will miss the mark. The following video is both a wonderful elegy for the mount itself, as well as a tragic tale of those that came so close and are about to fail:

And so goodbye from us as well, we hope to see you some time in the future after you get de-extinct. Also every day after the pre-patch with the thousands of players that already have it.



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1 hour ago, Borgoff33 said:

only way to get it now will be gold cap when ever they put it on the BMO

or the lost market cache .... if you are lucky enough to get it from it.

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i still think there should be a longboy without the whole auctionhouse and trader stuff on the back and it should be sold to a muche lower price and idk maybe exaltet with some faction or thomthing like that.


from the beginning of bfa a wantet this mount just because i loved the idea of a freaking brotosaur mount but the *filtered* heads at blizz must give the only version of it a freaking trader and auctionhouse on the back so you musst go full animal crossing to buy one.

for the love of the gods why would i need a auctionhouse everywhere i go? so i can buy flasks one minute before the raid ? prepare in advance god dammend

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    • By Starym
      We have another first in the "insane things players do" category, as Verysmallman has been grinding away at a LOT of reputations and just managed to hit the one hundred and sixty exalted/maximum rank mark! Also, in case you were wondering how there even are so many reps - the "friendship" ones from the many different NPC mini-factions also count (like the many Ember Court NPCs).
      You'd think this was a sort of one-time-ting, one player having a very specific goal and going for it just for fun, but you'd be wrong as there are actually quite a few racing for those reputations! We have three more players on 159 reps currently and then 21 more between 155 and 158, with many many more close to that as well:

      Source: Data for Azeroth.
      This is an ongoing race to World First, which you can follow at Data for Azeroth, and Verysmallman is currently in the lead and the first to hit 160, via a bunch of Ember Court NPCs. In case you were wondering, apparently there's currently 199 obtainable exalted/maxed out reputations of the 228 total in the game. Now here's the Verysmallman himself with some more details of their ongoing mission, including having to get Bloodsail Bucaneers and the goblin reputations to exalted more than once due to doing them in the wrong order, switching from Venthyr later on for even more reputations/friendhips in the other Covenants, and plenty more info: 
      I started really working on them back in WOTLK, so it's been a long time and a lot of reputations to work through.
      I would say that the Ember Court Friendships (Which also count on this list and I only finished today) were heavily time-gated and took a long time, which was annoying and made it the least enjoyable I would say.
      Trying to get Bloodsail Buccaneers to Exalted and have goblins there at the same time was a bit of work, especially when I had to go back and do the quests for Loremaster after Cataclysm. Having to rebalance after already maximising the goblins and pirates separately was a bit of a task and I'm glad it's over.
      Easiest would definitely be Pearlfin Jinyu, as you get that naturally without really trying just by doing the Jade Forest questline.
      The most fun I had with reputations was probably the BC ones I went back and did during WOTLK, like Ogri'la, Sha'tari Skyguard and especially Netherwing.
      I actually had to get both to Exalted more than once. I originally did them in the wrong order as I was young and misguided.
      I got goblins to Exalted in WOTLK then ended up being Hated again while trying to get Bloodsail Buccaneers to Honored (that was the maximum at the time) as I was farming Dire Maul for Shen’Dralar things at the same time, even though I never finished that.
      The best way is as you stated, farm Booty Bay goblins and do the Bloodsail Buccaneer quests when you reach landmark points in the reputation. Then killing pirates in Eastern Tanaris seems to be the fastest way, however at Revered with Gadgetzan, I’d recommend Fray Island in Northern Barrens. Keep killing the quest mob and take advantage of Horde on the Tony Two-Tusk quest on the boat as they give more reputation too, especially the boss that spawns.
      I'm glad I joined Venthyr first, but I am planning to switch to Necrolord for Stitchmasters and Night Fae for Marasmius once I've got a few more Venthyr collectibles.

      - Verysmallman123

      So congratulations to Verysmallman and let's see how this particular very long-term race evolves!
    • By Starym
      Sharashaska is back and improving/upgrading the in-game customization options for another race after their big Nightborne re-do! This time around if Blood Elves that get the many extra looks and choices, including some horns and wings! As usual it's all top-notch stuff so let's take a look:
      Hello there! Just like the nightbornes, I've decided to release a video with the customizations I've managed to add on the male blood elves. As always, it's a work in progress, there are stuff I did not show because they need polishing and some things need to be removed, such as the old NPCs high elf skin tones that are irrelevant now that we can pick our eye color without it being linked to the skin color. Hope you like this! It was a fun exercice.
      I did re-use several night elf options though. Some of the assets showcased were customized by me, granted the source of the hairstyles I've made were based on a vanilla one but they were modified and customized by my hand. I did not use any zandalari or DH tattoo, in fact most of the tattoos were done by hand by a friend of mine. The Rommath tattoos I've made were the original texture upscaled and then redrawn on photoshop in order to fix the issues with it.
      Thanks a lot! I plan on posting a few more vids soon! yeaaah lol, about the lore part, I just wanted to add cool things without even caring about any lore implications, in order to showcase the possibilities!

      - Sharashaska
    • By Starym
      We have a bit of synchronicity on our hands in this "weird things happen in WoW sometimes" post, as The Nine were defeated in probably the most perfect time possible.
      Yeakirkers had a pretty bad time during an LFR run of the Sanctum of Domination, as it took them quite a long time to take down the second/third boss of the raid, but in the end there was a happy ending, as the long kill time proved to be exactly right for the boss in question!

      Source: yeakirkers.
      What else similarly appropriate/perfect way of downing a boss could be out there? Downing the Eye of the Jailer inside the eye of a tornado? Painsmith while at the dentist? Jaina while watching Frozen? Ragnaros while literally on fire? Sylvanas while suffering through the final episode of Game of Thrones? There's a lot of different options out there, so let's hear yours!
    • By Starym
      The mid-week hotfixes are here and it seems the crazy timewalking XP is no more.
      August 4 (Source)
      Death Knight Fixed an issue with the healing from Death Coil not reducing the cooldown of Apocalypse and Army of the Dead when talented into Army of the Damned. Monk Mistweaver Fixed an issue that prevented Peaceweaver (PvP Talent) from applying to targets in Smoke Bomb. Dungeons and Raids
      Tazavesh, the Veiled Market Fixed an issue where players could get stuck under a shipwreck in the Stormheim section. Timewalking Fixed an issue where an incorrect amount of experience was being awarded when completing a Timewalking dungeon. Burning Crusade Classic
      Midsummer Fire Festival "A Thief's Reward" is now available after returning the flames of all major enemy city's bonfires.
    • By Starym
      UPDATE: today's hotfixes seem to have addressed this issue (sorry), although we don't yet know how much XP the dungeons will yield now.

      It seems the XP gains in timewalking dungeons weren't a fluke and we have them back again this week!
      As powerfulnoun spotted, the experience per dungeon is back to its crazy high end of BfA days, as players are gaining levels left and right, getting 1.5-2 levels per dungeon and sorting their 50-60 leveling in about 5 dungeons!

      As many players have confirmed in the thread, it's a really good time to push whatever outstanding alts you may have so get on into those Outland dungeons and get your army of alts up to 60! Considering we had similar XP gains with the last timewalking week, this is most likely intended, but you never quite know when something might be hotfixed so I'd suggest getting it done soon.
      To help out with getting the dungeon runs finished even faster, you can check out this timewalking optimal gearing guide and see if any of your alts has some of the mentioned equipment ready they can use without farming anymore!
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