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Brewmaster Monk PvE

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Guest Aquilus

Ideal Gear to Craft


  • Peripheral Vision Projectors Icon Peripheral Vision Projectors/Needlessly Complex Wristguards Icon Needlessly Complex Wristguards — Both of these items can only be created and used by those with Engineering, but do not contribute toward the 2-item cap on embellishments. Instead, they uniquely feature only one secondary stat, along with a special tinker socket that can be used for additional Engineering "gems" known as tinkers, such as enabling a battle resurrection with

Hi, i just wanted to add a quick correction: Peripheral Vision Projectors can only be worn/used by engineers but Needlessly Complex Wristguards can be worn and used by anyone (including the tinker socket)! Our full squad is using those as emergency BattleRess.

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Guest Haste > Mastery?

No idea why you guys are recommending Haste above Mastery for the DPS stat priority. It's definitely not supported by any simulation. Haste is the worst stat by far for DPS.

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