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Retribution Paladin Shadowlands

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2 hours ago, Guest Confused said:

Why do you have Eye for an Eye in 2 rows? (35 & 40)


My paladin's choices are

15 - Zeal / Righteous Verdict / Execution Sentence

25 - Fires of Justice / Blade of Wrath / Empyrean Power

30 - Fist of Justice / Repentance / Blinding Light

35 - Unbreakable Spirit / Cavalier / Eye for an Eye

40 - Divine Purpose / Holy Avenger / Seraphim

45 - Selfless Healer / Justicar's Vengeance / Healing Hands

50 - Sanctified Wrath / Crusade / Final Reckoning


Please note that Consecration is NOT a talent option, so why is it's an option in your guide?

I am sorry about the talents listed, they are currently transitioning to a better solution for the tooltips and icons, so this error came to be. A few rows show obviously wrong Legion talents right now.

Note that the comments about the talent rows are all correct, please use these for guideance for now until the issue got resolved.

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