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       there used to be a macro on icy veins that i have been using and as i dont like the havoc mouse over macro , i need to find this one , its a 'focus' macro.

i will try to break it down easily as i can ,


i start off focusing a boss like the sha in 'nuroshen' and then if i target the add that spawns i press havoc macro and still targeting the add i click chaosbolt, and 1 goes to the add and the other (obvioulsy) goes to the boss because he is focused.


like i said this macro used to be on icy veins but i cannot find it anywhere.

so if anyone could help that would be fanastic

thanks in advance ,


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The one I use:


If Focus Exists, not dead, havoc will be cast on it regardless of your target.  If you have no focus it will be cast on your mouse over target.  Both situations require no target changing to havoc.  I'll copy it when I get home, I don't remember it 100%.




Think this is it...


/cast [@focus,exists,harm,nodead][@mouseover,exists,harm,nodead] Havoc


You can also use @target for your current target, but I never found a reason to ever need to havoc your current target

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ok ok , sorry for putting this topic on , after trying to look for it , i found it


it is 



/focus [@focus,noharm][@focus,dead]

/cast [@focus] Havoc


sod's law i found it


if ppl want to use it then feel free but remember to mace a /focus macro 1st or it wont work proper



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This was in response to someone asking about mouseovers, but I explained most everything about making simple macros in there including how to do this type of stuff.

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