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Dmg @ NHC too low?

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Hello b/g i have the Problem, that i deal too low Dmg as 555 Fury Warrior.


My Rota is BT - CS - RB HS - RB HS .......


here is a Log from our Last Raid : http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-xdh0rpbjcowkwmra/


My Name is Cyrodiil and sry for my bad english :/


here is the Log from our succesfull Garrosh try but i deal only ~190k DPS


(sry i cant upload the Log on WOL...no permissions but here is the Uploaded Link http://uploaded.net/file/yqgicsj8)


Pls help me D:

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Hey, sorry for the delay. I read your post then completely forgot about it.


Looking at the Juggernaut kill, you don't seem to have any glaring issues with the rotation. BT/RB casts aren't perfect but they're good, you used all your CS (I only counted about half as much Stormbolts, so I assume you don't have the Galakras trinket? An armory link would've been useful for that).


However, you didn't use your cooldowns on the pull. There's absolutely no reason not to use them there. Also, I don't see any potions used.


Since your rotation (other than CD usage) looks fine on Juggernaut, I'd say your issue is that you have trouble dealing with certain fights mechanics while keeping your DPS up. This is something that only comes with practice (i.e know when it's safe to DPS, how much you can push yourself without being in danger of dying, etc.)

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If you have the chance to get an Evil Eye of Galakras, instead of Skeer's trinket, it would help you a lot. Other than that your gear looks fine :)


That's mainly why i wanted to see your armory.

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