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Group of 5 Druids Killing 30 Horde Players While Invisible

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Starfall Starfall is currently broken on live servers, so Rextroy gathered a small group of 5 Druids and unleashed destruction upon Durotar, killing 30 Horde players while invisible.



This combo is fairly simple but unbelievably effective.

Starfall got changed in Shadowlands into its old version, the one that hits everything around you... However this Starfall, will remain active while you are stealthed in Catform. It is even able to keep hitting people!

Even better, it won't break your stealth. This makes you able to deal massive AOE damage to enemies, without them being able to see you.

So I decided to gather a group of druids, to synchronize this starfall combo to be able to wipe out all of Durotar. Aswell as the location with Sha of Anger. Leading to upwards of 30 horde players dying or scattering. With noone of them being able to even see us!

We all went to get thePrecious Bloodthorn Loop Precious Bloodthorn Loop from Draenor. This acts like a Vanish, making us able to refresh Starfall again, after the first one falls off and at the same time reenter stealth.

To boost the damage of our Starfall, we are using Masterful Instincts Masterful Instincts (trait for Feral and Guardian). The current Eclipse will snapshot your mastery. Meaning that the moment you use Incarnation (to proc both eclipses) you want as high Mastery as possible. The boost granted by that mastery will remain through whole Incarnation, even if the mastery bonuses themselves fall off. We are also using potions! And other consumables...

These are the two macroes used. Remember to enable auto dismount in flight in the Interface, at "Controls"


/use superior battle potion of intellect (if you have it)

/cast starfall

/cast prowl


/cast starfall

/use precious bloodthorn loop


Whole combo is the following: Use Survival Instinct and shift from Feral / Guardian to Balance. Use a Turnip Punching Bag to gather 100 Astral Power (Nature's Balance is a good talent to have) Use your Incarnation and fly towards the horde Use your first macro in the air, when the horde doesn't spot you After your first Starfall falls off, use the second macro!

As usual, here's the video in action, showcase of the combo is available at 0:35 and overview at 5:35.

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This man is a f*****g genius. The blizz should imidiately hire him as a "thinktank" to find anything broken in their games😀

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