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576 TG Fury Warrior LF feedback

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   I'm Roshorar and I am a 576 ilvl fury warrior. I have played warrior for a very long time but this is my first tier raiding as a non prot warrior and I wanted to see if my numbers could improve at all.

   Here is a link to my armory:http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/anetheron/Roshorar/advanced


   I also have a link to the WoL log for our most recent Malkorok kill. I can provide logs for any other fights up to and including H Thok if desired, but I am our third tank on Dark Shamans so I'll leave those out.

   Here is our most recent Malkorok kill:

   The Warcraft Logs edition: http://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/rHfDX2kQ84vJCgWm#fight=5&type=damage-done&source=3

   I'm just looking for some feedback since I don't actually know anyone who knows warriors as well and can't get any feedback from my friends as a result. Thanks for your time guys.

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a few things just off hand.

Colossus Smash  eup time is lowxtremely low . make sure you cast it every time.  it has a 20 sec cd and you only used it 8 times. out of 25 ish

make sure you cast Bloodthirst on CD. im counting 37 times using it out of 70. it should be at least 60


i could suggest also pushing to the max hit cap that might help just a little bit. cant tell much with world of logs. but hope this helps a bit

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Hey mate


Nice gear! Of course with gear of that level you should be doing much more dps.


Here are some issues I note from your logs:


Out of a possible 70 Bloodthirsts, you hit 37. That is very low. Bloodthirst should be the most important part of your rotation as it makes you enraged. During enrage you will do 37.68% additional physical damage as a result of your mastery. Work on hitting close to 100% of the available bloodthirsts.


This will have a knock on effect of allowing Raging Blow to proc more and this is of course your main damage dealer together with Heroic Strike in your rotation. You had 41 Raging blows. In a 5 min fight with good bloodthirst use and Crit above 40% I would expect at least 50 to 55 raging blow procs. This is a big DPS loss.


I will let the more experienced Forum posters give their advice on this and I am sure they will be able to help you further.



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Ok so I was not aware that WoL had the bug issues that it does. I have since removed the link to the WoL that I had posted due to it being horribly inaccurate and have posted the Warcraft Logs version instead

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