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It's Too Quiet In Here

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Look our forums, now look at the warlock forums, now back to our forums, now back to the lock forums. Sadly, we don't have as many people as the lock forums, but we could start getting that many people if we work together.


If you know druid friends (especially resto), get them to come here if they have any questions. Get to a new fight? Come ask here for tips on what to do. Start telling anyone and everyone you know about the druid forums here.


We have a lot of ground to cover, but it starts with having something worth coming to and getting people to come to it.


I've written the resto guide at the top of these forums, because there is a gigantic void of good resto information elsewhere. It's the same for any classes these days - the people that used to be really good and wrote good stuff no longer do. Restokin, which used to be THE resto site, is still run by the same person, who no longer even raids as a druid. There's nothing good out there for moonkin or feral either. The Inconspicuous Bear is still a great place for bears, but that's it. One of our four specs.


We need to do this for all of the druids out there who want to be better. Get every single druid you know to come here and sign up and start discussions. Surely everyone has at least something they've wondered about their character.


That said, we also could use guides for the other specs, especially boomkin and feral, written on the forums. If you know a boomkin or feral that consistently plays at a high percentile and knows their spec better than they know their own name, get them here and in contact.

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#AGREED, this forum should be a place where anyone, from fresh, inexperienced raiders to the end game powerhouses can come and bounce things off one another in the hopes of improving each other as well as ourselves. I couldn't agree more =)

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