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Hello all, it has been a while since I posted anything here, but I have a new concern with Blizzard that makes no sense to me....

They seem to LIVE to create confusion for their customers / subscribers to WOW, and they have struck again today.

I was TRYING to play WOW, when out of nowhere, they unceremoniously pulled me out of the game, and gave me a pop up error saying my account twas disabled due to something called a chargeback issue. 527920003_ScreenShot2020-10-22at2_40_10PM.thumb.png.48d99832a8f64edfa31767db6ec360da.png

Now they expect me to pay for my 6 month subscription AGAIN, even though they have already taken their money from me. I do not understand exactly what i chargeback is truthfully, but I know they took $77.94 from my bank account on September 17, 2020,1147496650_ScreenShot2020-10-22at3_11_45PM.thumb.png.69d209f56b6b9d50c8fd7ed24462a97d.png

and now they want another $77.94 to be allowed to use my account. I am not familiar, as noted, with the concept of a chargeback, but if they expect me to pay for another 6 months of game time, then I expect my previous $77.94 payment to be returned to me, as I am not going to keep paying for 6 months of play, every other month, just because they have a  bugged out system.

Is this a problem that anyone else have come across involving Blizzard's Billing department / software??

Thanks in advance!!


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A chargeback is a banking term that is used to describe when money is returned to a debt or credit card.  These can either be initiated by the bank or the customer.  So for some reason blizzard sent (or thinks it sent) your money back to your bank.  You need to look at all the transactions on that bank account to see if the amount was refunded at some point.  While it could be a mistake on Blizzards end banks can make mistakes as well.

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