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Help with destro dps on H Immerseus

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His DPS on normal fights aside from Garrosh, as far as I can tell, isn't too shabby. We've explained the fight mechanics of H Immerseus many times, as well as his opening rotations (Curse > DSI > Imm > Conf x2 > Inc x3 > CB x2), he's just not progressing as fast as we would like.


Thanks everyone for all your feedback

it sound like he need to go watch the how vids. some time explaining the fight dose not sink in. over all you can help him a lot by explain his rotations but i dont think that the issues. if he ", isn't too shabby." then it understanding the fight. when i was first doing h immers, we had a few players that did not under stand after 10 trys( 25 man) it just a learning curve

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