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Any experience with SilentiumPc Case Fan(s) ?

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Any one to share experience with this budget case fan that has got pretty good reviews as for what i've found. It's called: SilentiumPc Sigma Pro 120mm  / 140mm PWM. Time has come to change case fans to new set. Atm. using ones that came with good NZXT S340 case. They've started to keep random ramble sound when turn Rig on. For now it's gone away after 2-3x reboots & then be away day or few until returns. Here's one well made review with good score. Review for SilentiumPc Sigma Pro Case Fan Purchase decision battle was between this & Review for Noctua NF-S12A Case Fan I bought 2x 120mm SilentiumPc Sigma Pro case fans with €7 price tag for 1x.


Sure price diff. between these two options for 1x is big as Noctua comes w price of €20. Maybe shouldn't it be obstacle when searching for Case Fan that's silent & good.  SilentiumPc's Sigma Pro is written to have max 15db & Noctua 10-17db noise vol. Airflow also matters & if not mistaken this Polish case fan offers good one.  I think i'll support this Polish brand more later at end of this year when Looking for new Cpu that's gonna be some yet to be decided Ryzen i7. Mean that Cpu cooler made by SilentiumPc. Share thoughts about this case fan if know it through own experience. 

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