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A Full List of Items Sold for Stygia By Ve'nari in the Maw

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Here's a full list of items sold by Ve'nari in the Maw in Shadowlands.

Ve'nari is the only friendly vendor that you will find in the Maw. She sells various items for Stygia, a currency you get for completing various activities in the zone. The items sold by her have reputation requirements and include:

Permanent Maw/Torghast upgrades;

Here is a list of all items sold by Ve'nari in the Maw. Many items have been added in last week's Beta Build 36294.

No Reputation Requirements

  • Cypher of Relocation Cypher of Relocation costs 25 Stygia. 
    • Teleports the caster to Ve'nari's Refuge. Must be within The Maw to activate.

Apprehensive or Higher Opinion

  • Soultwinning Scepter Soultwinning Scepter costs 50 Stygia.
    • Bond your soul with that of a nearby ally, increasing all primary stats of your ally and yourself by 5%.
  • Oil of Ethereal Force Oil of Ethereal Force costs 50 Stygia.
    • Jaunt into etherealness, massively increasing your movement speed and rendering yourself invisible to most enemies.
  • Vessel of Unfortunate Spirits Vessel of Unfortunate Spirits costs 500 Stygia.
    • (Permanent Torghast Upgrade) - While in Torghast, your first death does not count against you.
  • Extradimensional Pockets Extradimensional Pockets costs 500 Stygia.
    • (Permanent Torghast Upgrade) - Gain extra storage space while in Torghast, allowing Obleron Armaments to stack an additional 1 time
  • Encased Riftwalker Essence Encased Riftwalker Essence for 250 Stygia.
    • (Permanent Maw Upgrade) - Enable transportation via Chaotic Riftstones which can be found in the Maw.

Tentative or Higher Opinion

  • Mawrat Cannon Mawrat Cannon costs  250 Stygia.
    • Launch an exploding Mawrat at your target, dealing [ 10% of mhp ] Shadowflame damage to all enemies within 8 yd and killing the Mawrat.
  • Maw-Touched Miasma Maw-Touched Miasma costs 50 Stygia.
    • Surround yourself in sickly miasma, dealing [ 20% of mhp ] damage to any Mawrats within 200 yds every 1 sec. Can only be used in Torghast.
  • Oublion Cipher Oublion Cipher costs 50 Stygia.
    • Enhance your defenses against the Gorgoan Lament in the River of Souls, reducing its frequency by 80%.
  • Animaflow Stabilizer Animaflow Stabilizer costs 250 Stygia.
    • (Permanent Maw Upgrade) - Unlock the Animaflow Teleporter in Venari's Hovel, allowing you to travel quickly to The Tremaculum.
  • Soul-Stabilizing Salve Soul-Stabilizing Salve for 500 Stygia.
    • (Permanent Maw Upgrade) - Rub the paste within the sphere onto your skin, permanently reducing the duration of the Tormented Soul effect when applied by Assassins.
  • Ritual Prism of Fortune Ritual Prism of Fortune costs 500 Stygia.
    • (Permanent Torghast Upgrade) - While in Torghast, your chance of receiving Epic Anima Powers is permanently increased.
  • Bangle of Seniority Bangle of Seniority costs 500 Stygia.
    • (Permanent Torghast Upgrade) - While in Torghast, Broker vendors will have a chance to offer you Uncommon options.

Ambivalent or Higher Opinion

  • Phantasmic Infuser Phantasmic Infuser costs 250 Stygia.
    • Consume 5 Phantasma, using the energy created by the substance to empower yourself for until cancelled.
  • Talisman of Destined Defiance Talisman of Destined Defiance costs 500 Stygia.
    • (Permanent Maw Upgrade) - Don the Talisman of Destined Defiance, giving you the power to overcome the Jailer's winged abductors.
  • Rank Insignia: Acquisitionist Rank Insignia: Acquisitionist costs 500 Stygia.
    • (Permanent Torghast Upgrade) - While in Torghast, Broker vendors will have a chance to offer you one Rare option.
  • Memory of Jailer's Eye Memory of Jailer's Eye for 2,500 Stygia, and you must have Runecarving unlocked to purchase this memory.
    • Teaches you Third Eye of the Jailer Third Eye of the Jailer - Killing an enemy grants you the Jailer's Eye, increasing your pri by 1% for 10 sec, stacking up to 7 and increasing the duration by 1 sec for each additional stack. The duration of Jailer's Eye is increased by 50% while in the Maw.

Cordial or Higher Opinion

  • Possibility Matrix Possibility Matrix for 500 Stygia.
    • (Permanent Torghast Upgrade) - Come to a better understanding of the infinite possibilities of Anima, expanding your selection of powers within Torghast. You will always see at least two choices when using an Anima Hoard.
  • Loup of Unusual Charm Loup of Unusual Charm for 500 Stygia.
    • (Permanent Torghast Upgrade) - While in Torghast, a Broker vendor may offer you one free Anima Hoard.

Appreciative or Higher Opinion

  • Spatial Realignment Apparatus Spatial Realignment Apparatus for 2,500 Stygia.
    • Add a socket to a Shadowlands item that does not already have one. Can be used on Helms, Necks, Bracers, Belts, or Rings.
  • Unbound Reality Fragment Unbound Reality Fragment for 500 Stygia.
    • Add a Conduit you do not have to your collection, or upgrade an existing Conduit by one rank. The upgraded Conduit will be selected randomly from your lowest-rank Conduits.

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