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Awesome Blizzard Kindness: DesMephisto's Troubles Solved

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With a lot of negativity surrounding Blizzard and WoW... and gaming in general to be honest, these types of stories really matter and make my day. We've been talking about speed runner, Warrior collector, charity fund raiser and all-around nice guy DesMephisto for a long time now, and he's recently had a lot of trouble with his computer, which is especially problematic and stressful when said computer is what he makes his living on. After months of issues and even being unable to stream, the pressure was getting very intense, especially with his condition (autism). But then something truly wonderful happened, as Blizzard stepped in and helped. But let's let DesMepshisto himself tell you about it:


Back in April my computer started having a memory leak that would only occasionally pop up. I thought it was mainly due to an optimization issue in WoW and just avoided the areas on Alpha that caused it. As time went on, I started having all my memory get eaten up (32 gigs) during the stream which would cause my client to crash, forcing me to restart the computer. I tried formatting, then a constant lag came. It was beyond frustrating and after weeks of fighting, stress testing, memory tests, editing Windows 10, turning off literally everything you can think of, different Windows 10 builds, different configurations. EVERYTHING short of buying new parts and testing each individual aspect, I was at my wit's end. I formatted 5 different times and repeated the above multiple times in those formats. I was exhausted. Many friends had suggested I start a GoFundMe, the idea of which brought me to a very very upset stomach. Eventually, however, I had to.

For autism we need things to be consistent. When things work, and then stop working, then work again I'm put on edge and feel frustrated because I don't know what I'm dealing with. The computer difficulty wouldn't be triggered by anything, it would just happen and mess me up during games, working on my desktop, or even just responding on Twitter. It became impossible to do my job without wanting to rip my hair out. I was having more frequent autistic episodes, and my joy for streaming and helping others was quickly becoming a nightmare.

That is when Blizzard and AMD stepped in.

I was reached out to mid stream by an incredible person at AMD (seriously she is amazing), and they wanted to talk with me. They had watched our stream some and loved everything we were doing (fostering a positive and inclusive place, especially for those with disabilities). After the stream we chatted for about 2 hours and the next day I talked with Blizzard and AMD about the setup, what would be happening, etc. Blizzard at this point also let me know they wanted to send me out one of those GORGEOUS Shadowlands collector’s editions. Of course after the news I asked everyone who donated if they'd want their donations for the computer to be refunded, or if it should go to charity or even my bills, and people were quite generous, wanting me to put it towards bills/business/food as well as donating to charity.


I’m still honestly floored by the kindness of not just everyone who donated, but that Blizzard and AMD wanted to get involved and help us out. I just can’t believe it.

The great news is I can now continue to help others. I’m so incredibly grateful to have such an amazing community and to be a part of the World of Warcraft community in general.

Computer Specs:
Motherboard: ASROCK X470 Taichi Ultimate
CPU: AMD Ryzen R7 3800X
RAM: Crucial Ballistix Ram 32gigs 3200
SSD: 2x M2, 500gigs and 1TB

Cooling: Xidax 570LX CPU Cooler
PSU: Seasonic PRIME 1300W Platinum  


They even sent a separate monitor afterwards!



With DesMephisto raising almost $25,000 for charity, not to mention the hundreds of players he's helped get N'Zoth, Jaina and more mounts for, it seems good things do happen to good people, and we're definitely grateful to Blizzard and AMD for getting us one of our favorite streamers back! Des can now continue to raise money for charity, add to his collection of 69 max level characters (only 50 of which are Warriors, tsk, tsk), create new speedrun routes for everyone, and persevere in his quest for Twitch partner and more!

If you want to know more about DesMephisto, you can check out his stream or read our interview with him from a while ago as well.

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