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Mind-Controlling A Boss to Destroy the Horde

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We're looking at how to mind control Orhan Ogreblade in Feralas with Gnomish Mind Control Cap Gnomish Mind Control Cap and the Mind Control belt from Engineering to one-shot Horde players.

Rextroy released a new video where he dusts off the good old Gnomish Mind Control Cap Gnomish Mind Control Cap and the Mind Control Engineering belt to mind control a Horde boss located in Feralas that can one-shot most players.


Orhan Ogreblade, is a Horde boss in Feralas, that has bugged damage (been this case for quite a while), so her Bladestorm and Ogreblade Smash will one shot most players.

The curious thing about the boss, is that you are able to mind control her. Even with items that has a level 49 cap, such as Gnomish Mind Control Cap Gnomish Mind Control Cap cap or the belt enchant for Engineers.

Mind controlling her on my pala or dk, had her bladestorm do massive damage (about 20k ticks), which is even more than she does in her free state.

I also tested it on my priest that is level 40, but her damage turned really low (3k ticks), I assume it is because my priest is lower level.

This might seem a bit location specific, since its stuck in Feralas... However good news is that a lot of Horde love to pick up Candy from the bucket here, since it is Hallow's end. The bucket is also located within 15 yards from the boss.

Her bladestorm is instantly cast when she is Mind Controlled, and the range on her bladestorm is about 20 yards! Which makes it really easy to control her and having her wreck havoc on people.


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      Update: We now know how they managed to pull it off! In the same manner as the Echo group was using before they called it quits (running Necrotic Wake the whole time) which they did because you can't queue for the dungeon after level 56. Monkeylool and company actually managed to circumvent that, as you actually CAN queue the Wake if at least one party member is below 56. And so, as Monkeylool's party member Rixers explained in the twitch chat afterwards, they 3-manned the dungeon and had a 6 character roster, so they could swap a lower level character in to gain access!
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      Well, their suspicions were correct and the worst has happened for Echo/Gingi's group (Meeres, Naowh, Zaelia and Sicklikeme). They dinged 56 via the Necrotic Wake only (which has no zone campaign completion pre-requisites) and when they came back for another run they no longer met the requirements, as they were too high level!
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      This all happened due to Blizzard's very late change from the beta to require zone campaign completion for dungeon unlocks, so just spamming dungeons form 50-60 was no longer possible.
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      It seems Blizzard really took the whole "no one leaves the Maw" a bit TOO seriously and the Jailer really has something against falling, or at least fatally falling. Many playrs are reporting that after falling off the map in the Maw (whether due to too ambitious climbing or even weirder things like Jaina teleporting you into the ground) they died and then kept getting disconnected over and over, for as long as 30 minutes!
      Players who log back in after the disconnect just show up for about half a second and then DC again, obviously not getting a chance to unstuck, and the out of game site option seems to be (unsurprisingly) very slow as many players are trying to use it.
      One of the suggestions from someone with a similar problem was turning off the Battle net client and waiting a few minutes, then turning it back on, which seemed to help, but we're not sure if that was just a coincidence.
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