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A couple of questions...

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Recently got back into WoW after a 2 year break and would like to say thanks for the amazing guides and theorycrafting you guys do here! None of the old resources I used to use are around any more and this site and forums have been a godsend, Cheers! <3


I do have some questions though! I've been gearing a frost mage using the main frost guide on here in combination with Akraen's comprehensive version, all good so far except when trying to use AMR to optimize my gear.


I've set up custom weights according to the guide. If I wear a set of gear, import best in bags info from addon to website and click best in bags it should go through all possible combinations and come up with the one best possible gear set with what I have available using the set weights? 


I've been getting a lot of gear recently and choosing seems to be my biggest problem now i've relearned how to play but something seems off with AMR the way I have it set. If I wear one set of gear and do the above, but then change a couple of pieces then do it, the 2 results will tell me to wear different gear sets?


Have I set something up wrong or does it not work like I think and want it to? :)

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3 Days without a reply - sorry about this. I think folks got wrapped up in the WoD Alpha notes.


When getting gear as frost you generally just aim for item levels because of just how well our stats are balanced against each other.


Basically I don't think it will work exactly how you want it. Enter in the stat weights for the 14242 build and just go from there-- pick whichever items are highest item level so long as you don't end up above hit cap. Then let AMR tell you how to gem/reforge.

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