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fury dps with logs need help

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Hello all! Was hoping I could get some experts to take a look at my logs. I feel like im doing too little dps for my ilvl. I do realize I didn't use bladestorm nearly enough. But if anyone can help pick apart my general rotation and such. There were a few times when i got knocked back too far so that is also something to consider. Also if someone could take a look at my geming and such that would be great. SimC has me at 340k and I never pull those numbers sustained. 





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Hello drpepper!


Despite what the guide says here (and I think Ragebarr would agree?), Dragon Roar will be slight dps boost over Bladestorm on Iron Jugg. As long as you use it on cooldown (line up with Skull Banner when possible, but never with Recklessness), I think you'll find that it fits much more nicely into the single target rotation.


Other than that, be sure to cast Bloodthirst on cooldown. You could have potentially used BT quite a few more times than you did (this may be skewed a bit depending on what strategy your guild uses, so it's hard to say exactly how many you missed out on). Start thinking of Bloodthirst as your most important spell - if you can use every single Bloodthirst, you will naturally have many more Raging Blow opportunities and a much higher Enrage uptime. You missed out on 6 Raging Blows - not bad, but you ideally will miss 0. An enrage uptime of 82% is not bad - this will be even higher if you use more Bloodthirsts!


Sidenote - this is another reason I prefer Dragon Roar over Bladestorm for pure single target DPS. While you're Brostorming, you can't use Bloodthirst! Also, there's more of an RNG aspect to Bladestorm in my opinion (since Dragon Roar is always a crit), and using a cancelaura macro properly can be tricky...


Edit: Make sure to use your 2nd strength potion! Also added some concrete numbers to hopefully help a little.

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Please make sure the next time you post a question that involves checking your gear, that you actually provide a link to your gear.

Armory Link


You can easily gain almost another % of Crit while lowering in overall haste and better capping in hit and expertise. Just check AMR and click on Optimize.


Your logs:

You used Recklessness and Skull Banner on every chance, good. But you delayed the second one and I don´t know why(Skull banner ?) Your trinket procced to the beginning of Heroism, where your Reck should have been long, long ready again. Do not delay Recklessness that much in a scenario like that, where you could estimate that the boss is not going to die before it comes up again.

Try to use Berserker Rage more often, but watch out for capping on Rage or RB proccs or Enrage uptime.

As mentioned before, use BT on cooldown and (which is equally important) use the benefits that you gain from it. Although you managed to miss several opportunities for BT, you also wasted over 10% of your total rage income.
You missed 2 CS and for the remaining 16 you missed 2 opportunities to SB in the 6 seconds of CS.

6 charges of RB are not used.

At last, don´t give too much on simcraft. While it is actually helpful in evaluating pieces of gear, it is not helpful in evaluating your efforts in an encounter in SoO, where rules like "Do not stand in Fire" apply, that change, how you actually play.

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Welp, totally forgot about this post. I'm going to blame the finals and thank Krygan for his answer made me notice the thread again.


Whereas I agree that Dragon Roar is the best single target option, there aren't a lot of fights in SoO where you can put that to good use. Iron Juggernaut, Normal Malkorok, Normal Thok and Normal Siegecrafter are the only ones I can think of.


Dragon Roar is weird, because its AoE damage is subject to strong diminishing returns. It basically goes like this:

  • 1 Target = 100% damage
  • 2 Targets = 75% damage to each target
  • 3 Targets = 65% damage to each target
  • 4 Targets = 55% damage to each target
  • 5-10 Targets = 50% damage to each target
  • 10+ Targets = Same total damage as 10 targets, but divided between all enemies hit.
What that means is if you're hitting 1 enemy with DR on top of your main target, it's a DPS loss. For example, if, on Iron Juggernaut, your DR hits a mine on top of the boss, DR will do reduced damage to the boss, even if the mine is immune to damage.
Other than that, Krygan's and check0790's points are all valid: Make sure you use BT on CD and do not waste RBs.

You also stopped using Stormbolt towards the end of the fight. There's no reason to do so, since SB is by far your hardest hitting ability.

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