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Players' Realms Not Showing Up, Characters Seemingly Missing and More: EU Sever Issues

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UPDATE: if you're checking this post in December, here's a newer article with the AWC and MDI realms being shown instead of the usual servers:

EU Servers Seemingly Gone, Arena and MDI Tournament Realms Showing


Original article:
It seems it's been a messy maintenance over on the EU side of things this week, as there are new and annoying issues to be dealt with. Many players are reporting realms with their characters on them not showing up in the realm list this morning.

    What seems to actually be happening is that realms aren't registering the characters properly, and so the ones populated by your toons aren't at the top or marked at all, so it looks like the server isn't available (which it actually may not be). This might be very confusing for newer players, or just anyone that isn't familiar with the issue in general, but if you just look for the server manually (takes a lot of scrolling), you'll find it on the list with no characters marked on it (this is what happened to me as well).

    Now, this is when we come across more issues, as some players are having the black screen issue, which you simply have to wait on the character selection screen a while (up to 15  minutes). Once you manage to get past the black screen you might run into the final boss of this error-filled morning, as I did, the stuck loading screen followed by the "Character not Found" error. I've tried this process on many characters and ended up with the same results, so no WoW for me this morning.

    The important thing to note is that it's not just you having these issues - many, many players are in the same boat and it's clearly an issue on Blizzard's side. Your characters are safe and this is just a temporary server issue due to the maintenance that will be resolved soon. Presumably the servers aren't actually up and it's just a visual glitch. Or, you know, we might all get Khadgared.

    Here's a list of the many posts over on reddit asking what is happening, and you can see the distress players are experiencing as they're not quite sure what's going on and are afraid for their characters:

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