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Seek 3D Animator for a movie project about Siege of Orgrimmar

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Greetings everyone! I am Suge, movie maker for the guild Blow and for millenium.org. You did maybe already see one of my last works like this one:

I am here today because I am seeking two 3D animators for my next project : Blow - Pride
It will be a movie (around 1H) telling the story of Blow during the events of the siege of Orgrimmar. It will have RP scenes, action scenes with epic musics and 3d scenes (destruction of Grommash hold or Undercity Harbor for exemple). To do simple it will be a mix between a Jack's video and Tales of the Past III but with some incredible 3D scenes!
Here some exemples of the work already done :


It will be not in full 3D there is also some scenes turns in game but there will be a lot of 3D scenes. It what's for I am here today because, I'm seeking 2 animators t ojoin our team! We are already 4 to work on this project : me (script, direction, editing, sound, FX), Shhion (second cameraman), Aquilo (3D animator) and Lehm (graphist). We all do this for fun, for passion! We already worked together in other projects but for Pride we need to enlarge our team if we want to finish before WoD!

So what is the task of the 3D animator?
Some scenes cannot be turn in game so we use 3d software to make them (3ds max or maya, but it's better if you use 3ds max). The work of the animator is to export/import characters & settings and then animate them with the specific instructions of the scene. You export the character in FBX so you don't need to rig the model because he already has bones. You just have to animate them with the basic wow animation or with complete original animation.
I would like turn with 3 animators because each one can focus on the quality of their scenes instead of quantity. I would like to release Pride during this summer so 3 seems to be a good number!
I don't really need professionnal, I need passionate people! If you think you don't have the level to work with us don't hesitate to contact me! Maybe you will can help us even if you don't think so!

There will be no remuneration (except if cash prize or anything else). We are all volunteer, we do this by passion. We do this to make a good movie!
There will be an english and french audio version and deutsch, spanish, russian and korean subtitle version! We expect a minimum around 100 000 views world wide, so it can maybe be a good advertisement for you if you work with us on this project.

So if you are interested contact me here:
Mail: suge.movies@outlook.fr
Skype: suge-eonar1
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Sugemovies
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Sugemovies


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