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The Fun Never Ends With Nathanos: Infinite Dog Chase, Memes and More

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Well, it's now clear who the star of the pre-patch is, despite only being here for 2 days. Nathanos has provided more entertainment than the rest of the event combined as players have more and more adventures in dickishness! From a straight-up challenging encounter with few players, to some very persistent pups, a new meme and another yeet because they're too fun not to post, we're putting together some more Nathanos moments.

Firs off we have a harrowing story, as Beaverhausen27 decided to bail mid-fight (correctly, as it turned out, as the group wiped), but was not counting on the sheer force of will Plaguefang, one of Nathanos' dogs, had, as they chased him through 2 zones, right up to Tirisfal Glades:


To be fair he was a Vulpera, so the whole being infinitely chase by a dog makes more sense.



He latched on and I ran like the healer I am lol after my group fell. Over the river into West Plauges I scampered. I thought he’s loose interest and rejoin his master but no he raged on and chased my foxy bones with red glowing eyes. I ran wondering if I could reach Undercity but just after crossing into Trisifal he let out growl and turned around.


That happened to me yesterday as well! My friend managed to Hearthstone out after the Nathanos fight but that damn dog chased me for like 10 minutes.

Screams were made.

Then it's on to a really great one, as OldGromm and the few people present at the boss decided to try and take him on anyway, which resulted in an actually challenging fight, with players having to figure out mechanics etc!




I wanted to do the pre-patch quests with my alt after work, but since it was very late there were only a handful of people online. Fighting Nathanos with such a small group turned this fight into a legitimate challenge.

Turns out, when you get targeted by a green arrow you create a poison zone beneath you. If you don't move away from Nathanos, you're gonna create a poison zone right at him and melee fighters can't engage him without taking damage (he doesn't move from his position at all since he's ranged). Also, you have to get out of the arrow storm asap if you're as undergeared as I was since they deal a a lot of damage.

Overall I enjoyed this fight, it made me work for my weapon upgrade.

Then we're on to an apt meme, as we're not really sure what's up with Nathanos in the Shadowlands after his death, but it's a safe bet we haven't seen the last of him:


And finally, another glorious "get off my roof" yeet, this time with audio! It seems he's been waiting a long time... to nuke that poor Rogue into WPL.

View post on imgur.com

Ok, since you've come this far, here's a bonus from a couple of years ago:

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My beef with him was that I got through the fight (with one death) and went into the cutscene. By the time the cutscene was done, he was up and pulled again... and I was right in the middle of it all. I could never get out of combat, and eventually had to hearth out.

The worst-bugged fight I've ever seen was in Legion on one of the herbalism 3-star quests. It was a recommended 3-man, and I made the mistake of trying to solo it. The NPC refused to give up... chased me even when I was dead, spamming his yells, no matter where I went.

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On 11/12/2020 at 12:55 PM, Valhalen said:

Oh yeah, I'm sure he'll come back as a raid boss or something.

This is him coming back as a raid boss, after being one previously.


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