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Speculations and Datamined Things!

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I feel we need a general thread for all the random topics that will soon come up from all the datamining, so I will start it off!


I'll have some links in for some of the interesting items that wowhead has recently pulled up into their wod.wowhead.com section, and what they could (and probably will) mean!


Feel free to share your own thoughts, links, or other fun things as well!


First, it appears that professions will keep to the same crafting style as we've seen in ToT/SoO, where there is a daily cooldown and the crafted item is needed for all 'important' recipes of that tier:

Plans: Blackrock Crucibles and Their Uses


I would have preferred farmable materials that you can power through in a bundle of hours, but I believe I'm a minority in that aspect, as one of the few who enjoyed spending a weekend farming mats for an epic to give to a friend.


Also on the topic of professions, the Ghost Iron Nugget, or Green Tea Leaf pieces idea seems to be carrying on to all gathering materials. A few examples of these are:

Titanium Ore Nugget

Purple Lotus Petal


I guess this means you can collect any herb/ore of any zone at any gathering level, though I find it unlikely that many of these will come in handy. It will also be somewhat annoying for other farmers trying to get these herbs/ores to see them turned into tiny nuggets by low profession characters. I shudder to think of Goldthorn Petals.


Engineering gets a few new toys, though the usage of them is unknown:




My guess would be that Walter is the new Jeeves, with some new purchasable reagents, and GUMM-E is going to be some multi-purpose mailbox/bank. If GUMM-E is simply just another mailbox, I would imagine it will at least have a smaller cooldown. That or it's going to be a new MOLL-E that simply has more recent crafting materials, and you can use either one. I don't think they'd do that though, the engineering community might feel teased.


Ultimate Gnomish Army Knife


Another engineering item, though all crafters can benefit from this one. I would think they'll need to rename it though, since an Ultimate version would have the enchanting rod, alchemy stone, etc. I'm curious as to if a "Nail File" is actually in the game though =P


Blizz has updated their current hand grenade, not that we will ever get to have it in our bags. I have no idea what the item is used for by devs and GMs, though I imagine this slightly updated model will bring more jokes:

Indalamar's Newer Holy Hand Grenade


Next is either a change to the legendary gems, is a plan for the new legendary gems in WoD, or is just for testing multi-strike:

Mercurial Embossment


I really doubt this will be the new legendary gem though, and it does say "In Talador" on it. This seems to be a new reward in the future, perhaps the first legendary we get!


And for the first real legendary weapon (most certainly a joke) is:


The greatest mace of all times! Watch out however, as Koxylol pointed out in wowhead's comments, the attack power becomes only 1 (was 2) when in challenge modes! Oh no!



Keep posting some of your own interesting finds! They could be new items that open up possibilities, or just simply are funny items like Fudgehammer!


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Link to these sources: http://wod.wowhead.com/search?q=date%3A2014-04-05#items


How to get the links for items to work if the wowhead button isn't working for you:

[whjunk=#] Name [/whjunk]
[whnormal=#] Name [/whnormal]
[whgreen=#] Name [/whgreen]
[whblue=#] Name [/whblue]
[whepic=#] Name [/whepic]
[whlegendary=#] Name [/whlegendary]
[whheirloom=#] Name [/whheirloom]

Just replace # with the number listed on the website link: wod.wowhead.com/item=#

And replace Name with the text of the item name. You don't have to be correct on writing in the name, but make sure you don't make any mistakes anyways!

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