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The Freehold Challenge (DPS Tournament)

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Rextroy has put all DPS classes to test to see which class can manage the Free Hold Challenge best.

The Freehold Challenge revolves around skipping the intro event and defeating the second boss in Freehold with the Under One Banner Under One Banner active, which is harder than Mythic 13 difficulty, as the buff increases their health and damage done by 100%.

Rextroy took 3 DPS characters from each class (players with at least Item Level 125) to try and defeat all 3 captains without tanks or healers and ranked them based on performance.

He then gave 1 point for every % of health each boss loses and an additional 25 points for each defeated captain. The players couldn't use Heroism or Battle Rez effects, no consumables, and had to stay within their markers.

Are you curious about how the classes performed? Check out the video below or click on "reveal hidden contents" to find out

  • Death Knight. Makes sense that they handle it quite well, they are a class built upon self healing with Death Strike scaling on damage taken. Army of the Dead also grants them massive burst!
  • Warrior. They don't have enough survival, and they won't be able to heal while kiting. Still they made it quite far.
  • The Warrior team also managed to find a cheesy strat, kiting the bosses around the bench which made them unable to melee, this lead to them succesfully downing the Captains. However it felt a bit too exploity so I decided to keep it as a special showcase.
  • Paladin. This was a surprise... I thought that this was one of the Classes that could manage it! Retribution paladin has great healing, but they need to sacrifice a lot of offense, they also have really poor mobility so they cant really avoid damage from the bosses that well...
  • Shaman. I didn't think Earth Elemental would be able to taunt the bosses but it appears they could, made the challenge a bit too easy. Thought about banning the ability but then I might aswell ban things from other classes. Might change the rules for next challenge
  • Hunter. Something seems really off with pet leech, off as in bugged. It constantly heals the pet for 5k (able to see it in Combat log) could be something with level squish, or maybe it is intended that pet has insane leech!
  • Druid. They truely pushed kiting to the limit, the bosses quite often stay still to cast a spell which gives the druid some breathing room, aswell as having great offheals!
  • Rogue. They did really well for being rogues! After CDs it is tough for them but Cazzette did great kiting!
  • Demon Hunter. They were stronger before prepatch, lets just say that. Losing dodge, healing etc hurt them a lot
  • Monk. They went for the AOE route since they are also quite easily killed after CDs... A solid attempt!
  • Mage. Did really well kiting, aswell as huge burst... If an arcane survives until only 2 bosses remain I believe they could kite the last 2 bosses easily.
  • Warlock. Lack of mobility, but solid pet tanks, aswell as nice burst. After CDs and lost pet threat they couldn't keep up
  • Priest. I was really surprised at Priest, shadow healing just seems a bit overtuned being able to top themselves in the span of 0.5 seconds, they also managed to just barely escape certain death. One of the cooler fights for sure!

The Freehold Challenge

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I immediately thought of core hound's insane soloing abilitiies when i saw the descritpion and yep, 3 core hounds.
The hunter run shouldve had circus music playing for the clown fest it is compared to the rest lol

Maybe crickets instead.

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