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Gatherman the Pacifist Reaches Level 50 With Herbalism and Mining in 17 Hours

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Gatherman is a peaceful Vulpera Rogue that has taken the "war" out of Warcraft and reached Level 50 in the pre-patch entirely by gathering nodes and herbs without killing creatures, players, or completing quests.

Obviously, this isn't Doubleagent, but it's interesting to see how long it takes to level up a character to max level without completing any quests, killing creatures, players, and leaving the starting area after the squish that came in the Shadowlands pre-patch.


It took the player approximately 17 hours to level up from 10 to 50, as nodes give more than 1K Experience at latter levels, and the gathering method seems even faster than usual questing if you take your time and read through the quests. The player said the leveling would have been even faster with rested XP.


Card Card

If you use Chromie Time, all nodes will give you full XP for your level even if you're at like 300 Mining gathering copper.


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I honestly can't see this. No flying until lvl 30 and riding around, one is bound to come across mobs next to or near the nodes/herbs, even with a rogue.  Plus the fact, it takes time to gather enough mats to reach 75 much less 300 (the most I have ever made in regular wow was 295 with the last 5 coming from darkmoon faire.).   It's nice to see that it possibly can be done, though.

I made both a Panda Hunter and a Vulpera Rogue and yes, now I can see. I still don't see how in 17 hours though. The hunter killed as was needed to get the herb or node.  The rogue was a bit slower, but once I reached 17 hours, I stopped with the Rogue and was no where near lvl 30 much less 50 (flying would have made it easier).  The hunter I am proud to say has picked and mined and killed her way to 45 but so far it has been 1 Day 17 hours and some odd minutes of play.  

The one thing I have noticed even with Chromie TIme, the amount of exp from picking a herb or node goes down after the 1st or 2nd pick. For example, at 44 I was getting 1500 exp. But after the 3rd pick, it went down to 1400, 1300, 1100, 900, 800, and finally with no rest, 750 exp per what ever, Even then various nodes sometimes went up to 780 or down to 711.  I have no idea whether it is Blizzard playing with crap or what.  And I was not in SL - heck I don't even own SL.  Valley of the Four Winds and various other areas. 

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I have a level 50 pacifist druid. As happened before in a previous expansion, Orgrimmar is phased whenever I enter. I Have the quest to go to Icecrown (opening Shadowlands quest line) but I never get the portal. Obvious to me now, I could never complete that quest line without lots of killing. I got around this in previous expansions by getting a mage portal to the new expansion areas. If I try the same method to either Oribos or one of the three other areas will it succeed? Would I be able to open portals to them if I start in Oribos? Thanks.

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