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Dreamstate Speed Clears Temple of Ahn'Qiraj Under 30 Minutes

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    • By Staff
      With Naxxramas coming on December 3rd, Blizzard have now enabled the attuenemtn process for players wanting to be ready immediately when the new raid and Phase 6 arrive! 
      Attunement (source)
      We have updated WoW Classic to make the NPC Archmage Angela Dosantos available at Light’s Hope Chapel.
      Now, if you wish to complete your attunement to Naxxramas in advance of the raid going live on December 3, you can visit the Archmage and take care of it.
      Light be with you!
    • By Starym
      That's... a lot of mobs. Korean player 아케인 has put in a whole lot of work and basically pulled, well Maraudon itself (as spotted by Dargut). It takes a lot of work, 21 minutes, in fact, to "pull" it off, but he managed to get just shy of 500 mobs, 490 to be exact, in the usual Maraudon AoE spot, after painstakingly gathering them all up and clearing any problem-mobs, like the plants that have a knockdown effect. He's actually split the usual 1-pull into two, the first one getting 195 mobs and then the rest soon after that. Maraudon is a popular mage spot for XP boosting in Classic, which is why there's plenty of mages out there looking for new and more optimal pull strategies.
      We've skipped to the interesting part in the below video, but you should definitely skip through the video as it's interesting to see how he carefully pulls and gets the mobs to low enough HP so that he can actually AoE them at the end:
      We've actually already seen an even bigger single pull, with 475 mobs by Pastouw, actually at once, but it's always nice to check in when the limits get pushed this far out!
    • By Stan
      40 Mages have cleared Molten Core in WoW Classic!
      Here's another World First in the Classic department! A raid of 40 Mages on Venoxis (EU) defeated every single boss in Molten Core, including Ragnaros. They even scored a World First speed kill on Majordomo Executus!
      You can check out the logs for more details here.

      The Mage group also uploaded a video of how they downed Ragnaros. Congrats!
      Source: Reddit
    • By Starym
      Just as we resolved matter with one Old God, the OG comes back to bite us. C'Thun is back to his old(ish) tricks as he's beaming players all across the Ahn'Qiraj raid in Classic, and its quite a sight to behold! The phrase "we somehow aggroed C'Thun" is a classic, and knowing it's coming adds a lot of tension to the first part of the video, especially when it's a literal death from above/finger of god situation:
      We've seen this before, as one of the trash mobs, a guardian, can knock players out of the map, which DCs them, and when they log back in they're in C'Thun's stomach for some reason, and old eyeball likes people in there even less than Nathanos does on his roof!
      Here's another, but less clear, clip of the angry god (Source?

    • By Starym
      Exehn is back at it with his army of level 1 twinks, as we've seen him do crazy things with a Rogue, including defeat level 20ies, a level 10 beating a level 60 and a lot more in Classic WoW. Today it's the Warrior's turn, as the 1,000+ HP level 1 monstrosity goes up against many other much higher level players, including a level 10 Druid and level 11 Warlock at once at the 2 Min 10 sec mark (the Druid got the message pretty quickly).
      Exehn got all buffs available, aside from MotW which he forgot, got summoned to the higher level areas so as not to gain any exploration XP, and you can also check out all his enchants here.
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