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50 to 60 Fast: DesMephisto's Shadowlands Leveling Guide Completed

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It seems DesMephisto has been pushing pretty hard to make his fast leveling guide/tips spreadsheet better, even doing another full 50-60 run to take recent changes into account, and he's done! While most players will be enjoying the slow ride and atmosphere of Shadowlands, some will want to get ahead of the pack and get to that endgame content as soon as possible, so this should be very useful to that group. There's still some time to prepare, so if you want to speed ahead, read up and get everything ready!

The spreadsheet itself has been redesigned, with a new and more intuitive look and flow, with videos for each zone, macros to help out, addonds, consumables, and a whole lot more, as this is the pretty definitive fast leveling compendium.


Here's the man himself talking about his creation:


My goal has always been to simplify and make the leveling process more enjoyable. Leveling is my favorite content in most games because of the sense of progression and growth. I started doing leveling guides etc. to help others appreciate it, I wanted to make sure people had something available to make their life a little bit easier.

I started leveling on the 16th because I wasn't sure if this was the exp % we were going live with, I did 4 runs and perfected the route. Then I had to do a 5th run because of the 10% exp potion nerf but I'm really happy with what I've put together.

I really hope you enjoy this guide, it has been a lot of work the past week but I truly hope it helps make the leveling just a little bit more enjoyable for everyone.

And then there's this awesome tweet as well, which summarizes DesMephisto's journey quite well:


Be sure to check him out over on his stream as well.

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