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Insane Paladin Justicar's Vengeance One-Shot Combo

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In the latest video, Rextroy demonstrates an insane Retribution Paladin combo that deals 24K damage and harnesses the power of the long-forgotten Justicar's Vengeance talent!



A reason Justicar's Vengeance is known to be bad, is because it costs a whole 5 Holy Power, and requires the target to be stunned to deal more damage than a Templar's Verdict.

hankfully, there are ways around this, to make Justicar's Vengeance a deadly ability.

The talent Sanctified Wrath (recently buffed) makes you deal AOE damage to all nearby targets for each Holy Power spent during Avenging Wrath. And since Justicar's Vengeance cost a whole 5 Holy Power, it is the single best ability you can use in a global, to make Sanctified Wrath deal insane damage.

You might say Final Reckoning is better, however it would take another global to use, which we can't afford!

The second issue, requiring the target to be stunned can easily be solved by the amazing trinket Yaungol Wind Chime.

This trinket is one of the more unique ones you can find, it gives you a charge and when you reach your destination you will stun nearby enemies. This is off the global cooldown, which will allow us to easily combo it with Justicar's Vengeance before the enemy can trinket.

There is another great thing about it. The speed you travel in the charge is pretty much the same as a Judgment, and we need Judgment for the 25% additional damage done for Justicar's Vengeance.

Using Judgment at the same time as we charge (if we are far away) will make us reach the enemy just as our global cooldown is ready again.

This will make the total damage that happens in the span of 0.5 seconds, Judgment, Charge, Melee, Zeal (talent), Justicar's Vengeance and Sanctified Wrath. Able to do upwards of 30-40k depending on the enemy spec and if they crit or not.

We will use consumables, Seraphim, Blood of the Enemy, Avenging Wrath aswell as 3x trait of Avenger's Might.

The whole combo is the following: Gather 4-5 Holy Power before combat (can be done by random world mobs or Gently Squeezed Toads) cast Seraphim, Avenging Wrath aswell as consumables and Strength Trinket. Followup with a Wake of Ashes to give you 3 Holy Power Then you cast Blood of the Enemy and charge / Judgment the target. Once you get close and the target is stunned by your charge, you instantly use Justicar's Vengeance to destroy them!

Don't forget to check out the video too.

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