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Is Unholy still better than Frost in every situation?

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I thought that with the coming of SL pre patch frost would be more viable than unholy. So I’m leveling another dk on frost spec. But I have this feeling that it’s still weaker than unholy.

So I took a look at some dps rankings and they confirmed me that unholy is dpsing better than frost STILL.

Should I hope to frost getting better at lvl 60? Or just play unholy no matter how sick of it I am?

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Im not sure if you can even call them better and worse when the specs are within 1% of one another. yes unholy will do more damage then frost in both single target and aoe. And by more damage we mean 0.7% more.
in actual numbers, from my own sims, uh does 3077 dps in dungeon slice, and frost does 3046. Devastating.
If you like frost's theme, animations, and the general feel of brutal heavy strikes over unholy's shadowy - rot spreading - ghoul master feel, dont let 31 dps kill your hype.

You DEFINITELY cant feel a 0.7% dps difference. if you 're at the bottom of dmg meters and feel like your group is carrying you, there are 2 possibilities:
1) Youre in a weird spot of the leveling process, as blizzard has admitted that they dont balance lower levels. Just today, my lvl 48 shadow priest. with almost every ability and talent unlocked, was struggling to do half the damage of our lvl 10 prot warrior tank whos dps breakdown was 12% melee autos and 88% revenge. Just ignore dmg meters until you hit 60, its a circus.
2) You are messing your rotation very badly as frost. No worries, all the more reason to study the guides, queue up a lot, and try to improve, enjoying your characer and the game.

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I switch freely between them depending on my mood - so far at 174 ilvl, I haven't noticed any real practical difference in a mythic dungeon scenario. Doing roughly the same damage on the same pulls. In group content, it's going to come down to which one you personally play better.

That said, I personally find 2H frost to be more satisfying/smooth to quest and do world content with. There's no ramp up, so it will feel like you are killing lower health enemies faster. Unholy becomes rewarding when you have the GCDs to spend on setup - nothing disrupts the flow more than a group dying with a bunch of unburst festering wounds.


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