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Fury logs and Questions

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Been Fury for over a month. Terrible trinkets.

Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/nordrassil/Herbaminer/simple

Logs that matter:

Iron Juggernaut

3/25: http://worldoflogs.com/reports/l6lhdxq2qx0k8x0r/sum/damageDone/?s=5430&e=5799

4/1: http://worldoflogs.com/reports/txrj6j362uoca8zy/sum/damageDone/?s=4000&e=4321

Malkorok (I do melee range swirls, so my DPS will be lower)

4/2 http://worldoflogs.com/reports/87covkmwtjeykr21/sum/damageDone/?s=454&e=768

3/26: http://worldoflogs.com/reports/ter1fqsaode528l9/sum/damageDone/?s=5787&e=6069

Simmed myself 3-5 weeks ago and came up with 273k.

WowProgress has me at 268k as of 2 weeks ago

Best I've done are the Iron Juggernaut fights in which I do 240-248k

I've read http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/1307465-5-4-Guide-Fury-PVE to get a better understanding

I use their opener listed. Pre-Pot + Shattering Throw.

Fight Rotation: I save 1 RB proc - CS/HS - STORMBOLT/HS - RB/HS - BT/HS - RB/HS - RB/HS until I realize CS is done or my fingers fall off.

Tips / Tricks?

I admit I need better Berserker Rage usage. Still a bit confused on the best time to use it. With CS on CD assuming BT doesn't crit? And do I clip the last few seconds of a previous BT crit using Berserk Rage?

And is recklessness used in any other way shape or form besides using it in the opener, during heroism or during trinkets? If it's still on CD during the duration of heroism, save it for Execute phase if the boss will be at 20% in the next minute?

Also, Does Stormbolt need to hit the boss with CS up to increase the damage or does Stormbolt only need to be used with CS up but if Stormbolt hits the boss after CS has fallen off, does it still do the increased damage?

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Just looking at the IJ log from the 25th:
You´re actually doing not that bad, regarding the mechanics of the fight. You soaked mines and the siege phases does not allow a 100% uptime. Despite this, your Enrage uptime is 88%. You missed 1 SB and you missed 1 CS... since I don´t know at which time you soaked mines, this could explain it.
When you´re switching to Berserker Stance for the Siege Phase, look after your rage before you use Berserker Rage to not cap on rage. You gained 600 rage alone from Berserker Stance
Try to use a pot/prepot, You used Shattering Throw 20 seconds into the fight, use it.earlier, before you pop your cd´s
For the usage of BR: you can use it to prolong a 1-stack RB proc or to prolong your Enrage buff during CS but do not cap on either Rage or RB procs.

Use BT on cd, You did well, but you missed like 9, if you calculate the maximum number of possible BT casts like this:
(Total fight length - Siege Phase uptime loss)/BT cd   =



Your question regarding recklessness during heroism or execute phase: There is a limit in holding back a cd for a later phase at which the holding back is no more a dps gain. In regards of Heroism: For fury it is not a really strong cd damagewise, you will see the most benefit out of it through accelerated rage gain, but since you´re running with 11.5% hit, you should not have a problem with this.. It depends on your groups strategy: Do you want to meet a dps check and therefore pop heroism? Go pop your cd´s too. Do you use Heroism at the beginning for maximum combination of cd´s? this is a nobrainer.
Does the boss have a soft enrage or otherwise bad ability(i.e. shamans 25% heroism)? Here I see a little bit room for speculation:
If the execute phase lasts long enough for you to use recklessness again, pop it immediately. If the execute phase does not last long enough and one of your trinkets will proc soon enough, wait for it. How soon will the boss die? etc.


TL;DR: It´s all about cd optimization, like how can I get the max cd uptime and how can I stack cd´s/damage gain phases/heroism.

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