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Ret Pally help

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Hey there am new to this site and havent been playing WoW long and just wondered if i could get some advice.


I have just hit 90 with my first character a Retribution Paladin, im currently exploring The Timeless Isle and looking to do more Raids.


Any advice on how to improve i would appreciate it.


This is a link to my character



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I'll just give some general advice, a lot of which you'll already know.

  • Check out the Ret paladin guide on this site, it goes into everything you need to know
  • You can also check out the Ret guide on elitist jerks
  • I use CLCRet for centralising my priority spells which is extremely helpful
  • Go through all the SoO LFR wings to learn how Ret paladin works for each boss
  • Once you got sufficient gear, start PuGing Flex raid wings
  • I don't think farming on the Timeless Isles is that neccessary once you can get into LFR

That's off the top of my head, if you have any specific questions I'll see if I can help

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There's really not much to go on with your armory, I mean I can't tell if you're going for pvp or not, I also don't know how you prioritize your rotation and such, I mean the biggest things I see right now just glancing at your armory are.


  •  You're reforging out of mastery, which is a no-no in both pve and pvp. 
  •  That gem in your belt, which I'm sure you're aware of, is terrible.
  •  If you're going for pve spec, you need to start heading towards haste.
  •  If it's pvp spec, check out Vanguards' armory for pointers on gemming and where you should go with stats. 

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