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Silverwind Larion Secret Mount Found + Guide

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Did you always get slightly upset when Pelagos and Kleia would mount up on those cool flying lion-looking mounts in the Bastion quests and you couldn't? Well now you can! The Silverwind Larion Silverwind Larion has been found, or rather the way to get him has, as you'll "just" need to collect 50 tiny Anima Shards in Bastion.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must be level 60 to see the shards you need to collect!

Image by Warcraft Mounts.

As Belivious677 pointed out, the WoW secret finding community has recently found the final 50th one, and you can find all their locations (and details on the hunt itself) in this google document, or they may have already been uploaded to the HandyNotes: Shadowlands addon as well (the creator put together the google doc as well), or they will be soon.

These aren't all of them so definitely check out the google doc for the full guide.

So once again, thanks to Belivious677 for pointing out the secret has been solved, to HandyNotes maker Zarillion for putting the search together and to the WoW secret finding discord for, well, finding the secret!

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