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The Protectors of Oribos Are Pretty... Human Under Their Tough Exterior

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The first thing that greets you as you enter Oribos after the Maw intro are two huge automatons/anima infused armors/whichever guardian construct form you want to call them. They're pretty imposing and give you a sense of otherworldliness, the Protector Captain in particular. Well, it turns out you just have to look a LITTLE closer and that facade falls apart.

Now that's one big head. So, is it time for the conspiracy theories that the Shadowlands are all a fraud and make with smoke and mirrors to deceive us? Did we REALLY kill N'Zoth or is this just one of his tricks?! Or maybe it's just a human model used for easier coding , and Blizzard didn't figure anyone would be crazy enough to look that close! But krabby_patty did and we thank them for it!

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I have said it and will stick by it. We played into N'Zoths hand he needs a way in. I feel the void will return. They came once and not many. Bastion barley won going against 1 group of them

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