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Relatively Easy to Get Ilevel 180 2-handed Sword (+ Pet and Achievement)

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Update: as mentioned by Imallsoul, you can do the World Quest part in a raid group so you don't complete the WQ, in case you don't manage to do it the first time and you can get 3 ballista buffs from the WQ so you only need 3 mushrooms! Here's the full walkthrough:

The sword requires some preparation if you want to get it, but you should not have any issues if you follow these steps:

  • Buy 1 Strength of Blood Strength of Blood from Ta'tru at 51, 79 in Revendreth. The potion costs 30 crafting reagents that you must either collect or buy on the Auction House. Do note that the items required to purchase the potion change regularly.
  • Buy 1 Potion of Unusual Strength Potion of Unusual Strength from Au'larrynar at 54, 48 in Maldraxxus. The potion costs 1 gold.
  • Bind your Hearthstone Hearthstone to the Theater of Pain at 51, 30 in Maldraxxus.
  • Wait for the A Few Bumps Along the Way World Quest and complete it at 41, 50 in Maldraxxus to receive 2 stacks of Battle Hardened Battle Hardened (but optimally be in a raid and get 3 stacks and keep the WQ up for later use if you don't make it).
  • Collect 3 or 4 stacks of mushroom buffs (Edible Redcap Edible Redcap), depending on whether you have 3 or 2 stacks of Battle Hardened, at around 77, 57 in Maldraxxus.
  • Hearth back to the Theater of Pain.
  • Use Strength of Blood Strength of Blood and Potion of Unusual Strength Potion of Unusual Strength to pull out the sword at 51, 49 in Maldraxxus.
  • Now, you will receive Sorrowbane Sorrowbane.

You can also check out the following video by ZaFrostPet.


We have an interesting 2-hander you can acquire in Maldraxxus, which not only comes with a pretty solid 180 item level (Mythic dungeon equivalent) but also gets you a pet and achievement as well! The sword itself isn't exactly a secret, but the way to get it is pretty convoluted, and if you're 60 and have unlocked all the zones it shouldn't take you more than 20 or so minutes to get it. The tooltip indicates an item level of 85, but it seems to scale with player level, and our own Impakt got his at 180 (there's a small chance it's actually based on your own item level, but that seems very unlikely).

The Sorrowbane Sorrowbane sword is in Maldraxxus' Theater of Pain (not inside the dungeon), and has a pretty cool test of strength/sword in the stone type thing going on, as it's stuck with Oonar's Arm. You'll need to get strong enough to lift it out, and that's where a LOT of going around and getting potions and mushrooms and more comes in.

The only RNG factor (if you've played the main campaign to the end) to this is a World Quest that needs to be up in order for you to get the sword (as well as the Oonar's Arm pet - which is actually much easier to get - and Harvester of Sorrow Harvester of Sorrow achievement) - A Few Bumps Along the Way is required.

If you're up for a little adventure and are max level, check your World Quests and if the bumps are there, go and get yourself a sword/achievement/pet! If you need more details, coordinates etc, head on over to Lazey's comment on Wowhead.

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2 hours ago, Senou said:

Just tried this. Your description is lackluster AF.... no exact pinpoints, *filtered*.... Just wasted my time on that.

This is an article informing you about the sword - it's not a guide to unlocking it.

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1 minute ago, durdyenglish said:

This is an article informing you about the sword - it's not a guide to unlocking it.

indeed,guide is linked at the end

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