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Frost: Clearing up the stat priority confusion

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Okay people so I'm seeing this a lot lately, ppl have a big confusion about what the frost stat priority means. When Akraen does some new maths into haste ratings and says that haste number X is really good, readers think that this means they should make absurd sacrifices to make these higher haste ratings. 


If you cannot make 18960/19406 haste, then don't. There are plenty of other, lower haste values where fancy stuff happens to our DoTs. Your priority most of the time (without getting fancy here) is haste to a BP>mastery>crit. If you have to ask if you should sacrifice X to get breakpoint Y the answer is probably no.


Should I use lower ilvl pieces for haste?

Should I drop my hc wf KTT for normal BBoY to get haste?

Should I cut off my left testicle for more haste?


The answer to all of these questions is no.


Just for fun, here is my list of cool haste ratings you can try if you can't hit the 18960:


9522 - LB break point 

12043 - LB/NT bp with 30% haste buff

12684 - NT break point

14242 - GCD 1 second. This is not a break point.
15832 - Another NT breakpoint 


Hope this helps dudes

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This would be a candidate for sticky for a day. At least come WoD breakpoints will be gone(though there will definitely still be points you want to hit..). I hope that people also realise that there is not really a super important point of haste to hit; anything you don't put in haste should end up going to mastery, which as a stat is strong as well. 


What we keep trying to teach people is that there is no such thing as a perfect build for Frost; you can do practically anything, given that you play it well.

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Breakpoints will be gone in WoD but there will still be plateaus and spikes. I'll let everyone know them once I know them.


That said, thanks DGoodz, I think there are definitely some people that have unfortunately not realized that all my advanced theorycrafting assumes certain gear levels/itemization. For example, nothing in my analysis sticky applies if you don't have at least a warforged PBoI.

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