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Blade Flurry and Crit/Mastery

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Does Blade Flurry damage on secondary targets crit?  Or is it that the primary attack can crit or not and the cleave is based off that damage?


Also how does Main Gauche (mastery) come into play for Blade flurry.  Can Blade Flurry proc Main Gauche on secondary targets?


It seems like if the answer to one of these is yes but the other is no that would sort of skew our stat weights towards one or the other, no?


this is my setup for the moment



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It shouldn't skew your stat prio, and if you're gemming/enchanting for Blade Flurry ONLY, you're not doing it right.


Blade Flurry does NOT have any chance to crit.  It's a straight transfer, so any crits done to your main targets end up transferring the bonus damage to the off targets.




You melee a target.  It does 100% damage.  You do 40% of that damage to target B.

You melee a target.  It crits, and does 200% damage.  You still do 40% of that damage to target B, which is a higher number because of the initial higher hit.


Main Gauche does not hit secondary targets.  That would defeat the purpose of Blade Flurry's energy reduction penalty.  It's damage is still replicated via Blade Flurry, however.

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Blunt, but correct. Blade Flurry replicates 40% of whatever applicable primary damage you deal, crits not excluded. That replicated damage is not itself considered a direct attack, and there for cannot crit on its own.

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