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CHsim's potential questions.  

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I've been writing a simulation program aimed at answering a lot of questions about Chain Heal and how it interacts with Riptide and talents, etc. This is a big topic in Theorycraft right now, and this tool is going to be able to take account of;

  • Raid positioning
  • Variable starting health
  • Different damage patterns
  • Different ways of choosing targets
  • Rotational Riptide casts

... and potentially even more things if anyone suggests some ideas. Just to show you what I'm thinking of, here's an example of a simulated raid and Chain Heal bouncing between them;






The problem is that I don't have enough resources to answer all the questions I want to ask at once! At this point, I need to ask for what people want to know about. In the poll I've put up a bunch of things that I think could be interesting. Vote for your favourite question and I'll answer that first.


Anyone with suggestions for new questions, or things I could take account of in my sim, will be credited in the blog post when I present the results.


Tell me what you want! :D

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