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Reputation "Farming?"

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Is there a way to just look at faction, i.e. Alliance Vanguard, to see what quests are still open?  For example I want to build a chopper, but need to be exalted with them, alas, as mentioned in another post, it appears that quests completed months ago in Borean Tundra as still listed as open. 

I appreciate the hard work. 

Thank you

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The only way I know to track quests done is icy-veins 'Completed Quest Tracker' in the 'Quests' fan. But as you already state it only shows missing quests in an area and sometimes it's flawed.

I assume you are at level 90... My suggestion to you is to just farm WotLK HC dungeons since they all give rep with Alliance Vanguard (do NOT wear a rep tabard since you get Vanguard rep as default. A rep tabard from another faction will override Vanguard rep). Even some normals do so clear them over and over when the HCs are cleared and if you still need rep.

Check out which normals on http://www.wowhead.com/faction=1037 and get other good farming hints in the comments.

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