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GoD Hungering Arrow Icy Veins build passive and cube choices?

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I'm wondering why Icy Veins guide choose Archery as passive over Night Stalker(if the purpose of that choice is hatred regen).

For dual wielding, Archery is going to give 1 hatred/s. Though in the body of the guide, it says that this choice is to squeeze a bit more dps out? Wouldn't Night Stalker be much better for the job?

In combat it way out paces Archery in terms of regen. You would stay at max hatred pretty much at all times. Out of combat, it's on par or like 0.2ish hatred/s behind archery. But I find it smoother to go with Night Stalker to sprint through mob-less sections with Strafe due to being able to exit combat with max hatred and having the option to quickly fire off a couple of HA to get back a lot of hatred.

And with that. What are you guys' opinion on swapping out Elusive Ring for Aquila Cuirass in the bonus cube slot? Elusive Ring gives a better boost of defense, but discipline is limited and regenerate slowly. While Aquila Cuirass + Night Stalker is 10% less damage reduction but always up when there's damage to take.



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Hey! I suppose wording the reasoning behind Night Stalker as "squeezing damage out" was not a good choice, as the passive doesn't correlate to a direct increase of damage (and more of an indirect one, due to improved resource sustain). With that being said, Night Stalker is a great passive which can handily outpace Archery for Hatred regen - as long as you feel that you generate enough globes to make it work. This is way more reliable during the farming / gem leveling tiers of GRs, but I feel that it diminishes as you push into the high GRs, which are the guide's primary purpose. 

Again though, it has been proven with many successful pushes that both passives can work (and indeed many simply opt for Awareness for the failsafe), so this isn't a case of "one true path to victory". I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on Globe generation for Night Stalker during pushing!

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