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Ice Nova vs Lonely Winter

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  • Ice Nova Icon Ice Nova is a short AoE burst cooldown, dealing reduced damage to secondary targets. Also freezes everything hit for 2 seconds.Ice Nova Icon Ice Nova does not contribute to the generation of procs,

Hi, I am trying to figure out the line that says Ice Nova does no generate procs. It does freeze the enemy for 2 seconds, so it does "proc" or create a procedure event for Ice Lance to be tripe dmg for frozen targets. It also freezes the group of mobs. The flat 25% dmg to Lonely Winter is really good, but I'm curious how the numbers break down by not selecting Lonely Winter, and keeping two instant freeze procs with Ice Nova and Freeze from Water Elemental to increase dps with Ice Lance. It feels for solo Ice Nova is the way to go for CC, but just curious what more experienced WOW players think.  

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im not an expert with the best stats and maximum dmg etc but i really like having ice nova and Freeze. i use them both in basically every fight. it does a nice amount of damage and frozen enemies take more damage etc. i like having more spells and more to "do" instead of building your whole build around lonely winter/ice lance and spamming ice lance. only for dungeons do i switch to lonely winter :)

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