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Coming back to Rogue...what to do?

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So, I've played Subtlety Rogue up until level 90 and then quit. Switched to mage and warrior...and I've decided to give it another shot. My current ilvl is only about 420...

I'm using a one handed sword and a fist weapon since it's all I have...but I'm wondering if different specs benefit more from using weapons other than daggers.

Also, how's Combat and Assassination comparing to Subtlety? Ideally I'd like to get this rogue to about 540 ilvl for Flex raiding. I just don't know which spec would do the most dps right now with such a low ilvl.

These are all just basic questions...I haven't paid attention to anything regarding the rogue in about 7 months.

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Hey there, welcome back!

If you have a sword and a fist weapon, I would suggest switching to Combat spec before you start doing dungeons. Assassination requires daggers at all times, and Subtlety only uses a no-dagger setup for PvP Hemo spec or for levelling. Come patch 6.0 Rogues will be able to move freely between the specs mostly regardless of weapon type, but not yet.

The Combat Rogue guide on this website will give you all the information you need to get started. You'll find more advanced and specific topics here on the forums.

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