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New to ranked play, where to start?

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So I guess I’m a whale that buys nearly every offer yet have never played ranked. So I got lots of dust and nearly every card from Darkmoon, Ashes of Outland and Scholomance.

Do you guys just choose a meta deck based on a class you like, craft the cards and go from there?


I know I want a class with an upgraded heropower (the 1-mana quests) like Mage, Warrior, Priest or Rouge.

So I just check the decks, craft and get to it?

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I would personally start with looking at some decks in https://hsreplay.net/#live-data. It's not the end-all because there's a lot of deck variances depending on which rank you're currently at (also what streamers are playing), but it's a good starting point to see what popular decks are running the cards you would want to play.


This is the specific section i think you'd be interested in: https://hsreplay.net/cards/


Cheers 🙂

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